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How to Repair Leather Purse

how to repair leather purse

Have you noticed some tears or stains on your leather purse and wondered ‘how to repair leather purse'? We've got you covered!

Leather repairs can extend the life of your favorite items, and simple techniques and tools are all you need.

As per our expertise, you should start by cleaning the area, applying a matching leather patch with glue, filling the gaps with a leather filler, using our specialized leather conditioner from The Leather Care Kit and then dyeing the patch for a seamless finish.

At Andar, we're experts in handcrafted full-grain leather products and can help you learn how to repair and restore your full grain leather purse.

This article will guide you through a detailed 10-step process to restore your leather purse to mint condition.

10-Step Process on Repairing Leather

At Andar, we've curated a simple ten-step process for repairing a leather purse, designed to show you how to make a leather purse look brand new again.

1. Prepare The Tear

If you want to know how to remove scuff marks from leather purse, start by cleaning the area around the tear with a dry microfiber cloth from The Leather Care Kit. This will help with removing any dirt or debris that might interfere with the repair.

Next, trim any loose fibers or threads around the tear to create a clean edge. Then lightly sand the edges of the tear to create a smoother surface, guaranteeing better adhesion for the patch.

how to fix a leather bag

2. Cut The Patch

Accurately measure the size of the tear to ensure a perfect fit for the patch.

Cut a patch from a piece of leather, making sure it's slightly larger than the tear to cover the damaged area completely.

Based on our observations at Andar, it's important to check that the patch's color, texture, and thickness blends seamlessly with the original leather, maintaining the bag's aesthetic and durability.

Finally, trim the patch edges carefully to avoid any noticeable overlap or irregularities for a smooth and professional finish.

3. Apply The Patch

Use leather glue to attach the patch to the tear. Press the newly glued patch down firmly and hold it there for a few minutes so that it sticks well to your purse.

After putting it to the test, we found that holding the patch in place and allowing it to set as per the manufacturer's instructions ensures a long-lasting repair.

4. Apply The Leather Filler

Using a palette knife or spatula, spread the leather filler over the patch, smoothing it out so it's level with the surrounding leather. You can use your fingers wherever necessary to apply the filler, as well.

Applying filler in thin layers can achieve an even and professional finish. Each layer should be thin enough to avoid clumping but thick enough to fill the gaps effectively.

Allow each layer to dry fully before applying the next for a smooth surface that integrates well with the original leather.

This will result in a professional-looking repair that rejuvenates both the appearance and functionality of your leather purse.

how to repair leather bag

5. Let The Leather Dry

Allow the leather filler to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area while following the drying time specified on the product label.

Drawing from our experience at Andar, giving it extra drying time ensures that the filler sets fully, which is crucial for added resilience when the repair is complete.

In this instance, this means letting the leather air-dry naturally for an hour or more if necessary, depending on the:

  • size of the patch
  • amount of leather filler used
  • product's specific usage instructions

Avoid using artificial heat sources, like a hair dryer or radiator, as they can damage the leather. Patience is key to achieving a strong and thorough repair that matches well with the original leather on your purse.

6. Apply The Leather Cream Or Conditioner

Use a soft microfiber cloth to apply The Leather Cream or our Andar leather conditioner to the repaired area.

Our team discovered through using these products that conditioning by working it in with gentle, dabbing or patting in circular motions effectively blends the repair with the rest of the leather.

This approach is also necessary when you want to know how to get ink off of a leather purse and how to remove old water stains from leather purse.

7. Dry The Leather Again

We suggest letting the leather dry naturally for 30 minutes to an hour, or longer when necessary.

This is done so that all applied products (particularly the repair agents) are fully absorbed into your purse's leather fibers.

8. Clean The Leather

If you're wondering what to clean leather purse with, you can wipe down the entire purse with our Andar cleaning solution from The Leather Care Kit.

Spritz a microfiber cloth with the leather cleaner and dab or pat lightly at the surface in circular motions.

This will gradually remove any residue and prepare the surface for the final steps of the repair process without damaging your leather purse further.

full grain leather bag

9. Apply The Color Treatment

Based on our first-hand experience, applying a color treatment can make repairs nearly invisible. Leather color treatments are generally made using a dye or polish with an alcohol base, casein or nitrocellulose resin, as well as a solvent.

Choose a color treatment that best matches your purse, and apply it to the repaired area, blending it in with the surrounding leather for a seamless look.

This is also important when you learn how to clean white leather handbags, such as the Bone Togo and Crema versions of full grain leather handbags like The Indie.

10. Condition The Leather

Finish by conditioning the entire purse with our Andar leather conditioner from The Leather Care Kit to rejuvenate the leather's natural oils and keep it supple.

Regular conditioning maintains the leather's appearance and resilience, ensuring your purse stays in excellent shape for years to come.

You can even get some modern leather goods like The Tassel to give your leather purse some added flair.

By following this easy guide, you can easily repair your leather purse and extend its life.


In this blog post, we discovered that repairing a leather purse at home isn't just possible but also extremely satisfying.

With our ten-step guide and our brand's The Product Care range, you can give your cherished items a new lease on life and continue carrying what matters.

We stand by the quality and longevity of our leather products, and we hope this guide helps you enjoy yours even longer.

Ready to experience the best in handcrafted full grain leather bags? Visit Andar and explore our premium collection today!

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