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How to Fix Scratched Leather Purse

how to fix scratched leather purse

Wondering ‘how to fix scratched leather purse'? Drawing from our experience, it's a manageable task with the right approach and effective cleaning methods.

Scratches can range from minor surface abrasions to deeper gouges, which means that different types of leather require specialized treatments.

As experts in handcrafted full-grain leather products, we at Andar recommend proper cleaning and conditioning with The Product Care collection to aid in the repair process.

In this blog post, we'll discuss how to restore a scratched full grain leather purse, from assessing the damage to cleaning and conditioning the leather for a pristine look.

Follow our expert tips on how to repair scratches and how to remove old water stains from leather purse for flawless results to maintain your carrying accessory's beauty!

How to Fix a Scratched Leather Bag

Fixing a scratched leather bag and learning how to clean a leather purse starts with understanding the specific type of leather it's made from and choosing the proper techniques and products to restore the material.

1. Know What Kind Of Leather You Have

Different leather types, such as full-grain, top-grain, and genuine leather, have unique properties. Our investigation demonstrated that knowing the leather type ensures you consistently use the correct repair method.

Full Grain Leather

Through our practical knowledge at Andar, full-grain leather is the highest quality leather. It's made from the top layer of the hide which retains its natural grain and strength.

You'll need a customized leather filler to fix scratches or gouges as well as specialized dye or polish to color-match the filler with the original leather surface.

With our full grain leather handbags like The Penny, its oil-waxed exterior adds an additional layer of protection along with The Product Care range, resisting dirt and scratches more effectively than most other leather grains.

how to repair scratched leather purse

Top Grain Leather

Top-grain leather is the uppermost layer of the hide, sanded and buffed to remove imperfections. This process makes it more lightweight, flexible, and suitable for various applications, such as bags, wallets, and accessories​​.

As such, top-grain leather may require more delicate handling to fix minor or major scratches. That's why we recommend applying a specific leather filler and dye, as well as a unique leather conditioner or The Leather Cream from us at Andar to hydrate the surface during treatments.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather, made from the layers below the top-grain, is more affordable but less durable of the three leather grains. This means that genuine leather often needs specific conditioning methods to restore its scratched appearance​.

For genuine leather, you'll use a similar approach to top-grain leather but consider utilizing a color-matching balm for deeper scratches instead of a leather filler. They're typically made from natural waxes (like beeswax), or lanolin and other animal products, so make sure you select one that's most optimal for genuine leather.

With regular conditioning, you can keep various leather types and grains supple and resilient.

That's why we at Andar recommend using products like those found in The Leather Care Kit for outstanding results.

2. Assess The Scratch

Assessing the scratch on your leather purse is critical for choosing the right repair method.

Minor scratches often only affect the surface layer. Tips for minor scratches include using a leather conditioner, like that from Andar's The Leather Care Kit, to buff them out and restore the leather's sheen.

In contrast, deeper scratches may need a leather filler to repair the texture. Our findings show that using leather repair kits with color-matching options work best for deeper scratches or severe gouges, effectively blending the repair with the surrounding leather​​.

A leather repair kit and The Product Care range can also be used with purses as well as wallets when you need to know how to clean a white leather wallet like The Denner in Ivory or The Poppy in Crema.

full grain leather handbags

3. Clean The Leather

Use a dry microfiber cloth (which you can find in The Leather Care Kit) first to remove surface dirt and dust.

Next, clean the leather using our Andar leather cleaner applied with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to lightly spritz the cloth, then gently dab or pat the leather surface in consistent circular motions to effectively clean the material.

Rubbing your leather purse too vigorously may lead to potential warping and further scratching and scuffing, which you should avoid at all costs.

4. Air Dry The Leather

When your leather purse is clean, allow it to air dry for 30-60 minutes (or longer) to thoroughly remove all moisture before further treatment​.

This technique is especially helpful when you need to know how to get ink off a leather purse, as well as scratches.

5. Apply A Leather Filler To Scratches Or Gouges

Once your purse is dry, use a high-quality leather filler, which usually has a thick, gel-like consistency for efficiently closing deeper scratches or gouges.

Start by applying it carefully to the affected area using a palette knife, then smooth the filler with a spatula or your finger, ensuring it fills the damaged area completely in thin and even layers.

Our research at Andar indicates that using a leather filler not only restores the texture but also provides a solid base for fixing noticeable scratches and color-matching later in the process.

6. Air Dry The Leather Again

Instead of the shorter drying period from before, you might need to air-dry your leather purse for several hours at this stage.

This will ultimately depend on the:

  • severity of the scratches or gouges
  • amount of leather filler you used
  • filler's specific product instructions

7. Color-Match The Filler And Leather Surface With A Dye Or Pigment

Once the leather is dry, the next step is to color-match it with the rest of the non-scratched or gouged leather surface.

For this, you'll need a leather dye or polish that fits the color of your bag.

Start by applying the dye carefully over the filler using a cotton swab and blending it with the surrounding leather using a sponge or soft microfiber cloth from The Leather Care Kit.

minimalist wallet

8. Air Dry The Leather Again

Once again, you'll need to let your leather purse air-dry for a significant time.

Like with the leather filler, this drying period will depend on the specific packaging instructions of the dye you used to re-color the formerly scratched parts of the surface in the previous step.

This ensures that the repaired area seamlessly integrates with the rest of the bag, maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

9. Apply A Leather Conditioner Or Cream

Spray a light mist of our leather conditioner from The Leather Care Kit or place a tiny amount of The Leather Cream on the surface.

Gently massage our leather conditioner or cream into the leather using circular motions with a dry microfiber cloth.

After trying out these products, we at Andar found that our leather care range efficiently hydrates your leather accessories, keeping them supple and durable for years to come​.

10. Air Dry The Leather One Final Time

Allow your leather purse to air dry a final time for several hours to let the conditioner or cream fully penetrate and restore moisture.

By following these steps, you can effectively repair scratches and gouges on your full-grain leather bag, enhancing its original beauty and ensuring that it lasts for many more years.

At Andar, we believe in carrying what matters, and learning how to restore a leather purse and other leather accessories is a vital part of our brand's philosophy.

how to fix scratched leather bag


In this blog post, we learned how to repair a leather bag through assessing the damage as well as proper maintenance through regular cleaning, and conditioning.

Investing in quality leather care products, like The Leather Care Kit from our brand, will ensure that your leather goods stay in top condition and remain scratch-free.

So, what are you waiting for?

Explore our handcrafted full grain leather bags at Andar now and keep your leather looking its best for longer!

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