Carry What Matters

In 2015, Andar embarked on a mission to craft distinctive, minimalist products designed for longevity. Drawing inspiration from our name, which in Spanish means "to carry", we aim to streamline and organize your essentials. Throughout the years, we've committed ourselves to innovating unique designs for everyday items. Our philosophy centers on producing handcrafted goods from premium materials, focusing not merely on serving as replacements but as a invitation for decluttering and organizing your life, emphasizing the importance of carrying only what truly matters.


Desert Grown

Rooted in Chandler, Arizona, Andar embodies the resilience of our desert origins. Our dedicated team draws inspiration from the Arizona landscape, where being "desert grown" reflects not just our location but our journey. At Andar, we embrace the desert's simplicity and endurance, shaping products that resonate with its authentic beauty and rugged elegance.

In The Press

Andar, the Spanish verb meaning ‘to carry’,
Our handcrafted goods invite you to eliminate the extra and elevate the essential
so you’re free to carry what matters.