When we started our journey in 2015, we set out to make something unique and minimal that would last. With Andar being a Spanish verb meaning "to carry" and "to ride", our goal is to minimize and organize what you carry. Over the years, this wild ride has pushed us to create unique designs for everyday carry goods that we are stoked on and are pretty sure you will be as well. We believe in creating handcrafted goods using the highest quality materials. We aren't here to be just a replacement but an invitation to clean out the clutter, organize your life and carry what matters. We're looking forward to the ride together.


It all started as a side hustle in our home state of Arizona. The handful of other ventures we worked on in the past together were no different. We always wanted to create something we could call our own and are proud we can finally say so with Andar. Growing up with three sisters, we knew we had to stick together to survive. The adventures we have had together We've grown so much throughout this journey and know we wouldn't be where we are today without our Andar family and all of you out there pushing us to be our best. You'll see and hear from us here and there, but for the most part, we'll keep our heads down and continue to hustle in silence creating and developing the best products to help you live your best.

Jacob & Eric