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What Is Breathable Leather?

what is breathable leather

Curious about ‘What is breathable leather?' Breathable leather naturally prevents excessive moisture buildup and maintains its quality longer.

At Andar, we specialize in handcrafted full-grain leather products that let air and moisture pass through, ensuring maximum comfort and robustness. This helps them stay comfortable and resilient in various conditions.

In this article, we'll explore the concept of breathable leather, compare different types, and share maintenance tips to help you enjoy your leather goods to the fullest.

Join us as we dive into the world of permeable modern leather goods and illustrate how our expertise can enhance your everyday carry.

What this article covers:

Is Leather a Breathable Fabric?

Leather is indeed a breathable fabric, especially when it comes to high-quality full-grain leather.

Our findings show that this type of leather allows air and moisture to pass through, providing superior comfort and preventing excessive moisture buildup.

At Andar, we prioritize full-grain leather in our products to ensure maximum breathability and durability. This permeability is essential for items that are in constant contact with your skin, such as our wallets, leather iPhone cases, and Apple watch bands.

The Meaning of "Breathable"

Simply put, breathable leather refers to leather that's porous and allows excellent filtration of air and moisture.

Permits The Passage Of Air And Moisture

Breathable leather permits the passage of air and moisture, making it comfortable for extended use. This maintains the leather's integrity and prevents it from becoming clammy or too dry.

Our team discovered through using this product that our full grain leather bags like The Oxford remain comfortable and functional even with constant use.

By combining oil-waxed, full-grain leather and canvas in The Oxford, this airflow and moisture passage prevents sweat buildup, ensuring the leather exterior remains fresh and robust.

Promotes Evaporative Cooling

Permeable leather also promotes evaporative cooling, regulating temperature by allowing sweat to evaporate to keep the user cool and comfortable.

We've found from using this product that our leather wallets like The Mag provide superior comfort even in warm conditions.

This evaporative cooling is essential for items that are in constant contact with the skin, such as our leather iPhone cases like The Aspen, preventing discomfort and maintaining the leather's quality over time.

Full-Grain Leather's Breathability to Other Leather Types And Grains

Let's explore how full-grain leather compares to other types and grains in terms of breathability.

Table: Full-Grain Leather Vs. Suede Leather


Full-Grain Leather

Suede Leather


  • Excellent
  • Good


  • Extremely robust
  • Less durable


  • Smooth and natural
  • Soft and velvety


  • Needs regular cleaning and conditioning
  • Requires consistent maintenance and proper storage

Based on our first-hand experience, full-grain leather excels in permeability compared to suede leather.

With its velvety texture and higher maintenance requirements, suede leather is slightly less resilient and breathable than Andar's full-grain leather.

Table: Full-Grain Leather Vs. Patent Leather


Full-Grain Leather

Patent Leather


  • Inherently porous and breathable
  • Poor due to water-resistant coating


  • Very resilient
  • Robust


  • Natural and textured
  • Glossy and smooth


  • Needs a premium leather cleaner and conditioner
  • Requires less maintenance due to initial treatment

Our investigation at Andar demonstrated that full-grain leather far outperforms patent leather in terms of breathability.

Patent leather, with its glossy finish, doesn't allow air and moisture to pass through, leading to potential for moisture buildup.

If you're wondering, ‘How long does patent leather last?' Its minimal permeability means that it needs replacing far quicker than genuine leather.

Table: Full-Grain Leather Vs. Top-Grain Leather


Full-Grain Leather

Top-Grain Leather


  • Excellent
  • Moderate


  • Extremely robust and thick
  • Somewhat durable


  • Natural and unaltered
  • Smooth and sanded


  • Requires regular maintenance and proper storage
  • Needs regular cleaning and conditioning

Through our practical knowledge, we discovered that while top-grain leather is durable and smooth, its breathability is only moderate compared to full-grain leather.

Top-grain leather undergoes a sanding process that reduces its natural permeability. In contrast, full-grain leather retains its natural texture and breathability, making it the superior choice for comfort and moisture control.

In short, full-grain leather stands out as the most permeable and resilient type of leather.

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In this article, we answered the question ‘What is breathable leather?' by exploring full-grain leather and its premium comfort and permeability.

We've discussed how understanding and maintaining breathability helps you enjoy the full benefits of leather goods. That's why we prioritize premium, breathable leather in our products to ensure an elite customer experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our handcrafted full-grain leather cases and more at Andar now and experience the ultimate in comfort and durability right now!

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