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How to Remove Ink From Leather Purse

how to remove ink from leather purse

At Andar, we understand that accidents happen, and ink stains on your beloved full grain leather purse can be frustrating. Don't worry; we're here to help.

To address ‘how to remove ink from leather purse', act quickly to blot the stain with a clean cloth. Next, follow up with items from our The Product Care collection to clean, condition, and protect your purse.

These steps will remove excess moisture and hydrate the leather, preventing discoloration and warping in the process.

In this article, we'll share our expert tips for removing ink as well as other things like how to get water stains out of leather purse to restore them to their former glory.

Let's dive in!

How to Remove Ink From Leather

At Andar, we've developed a method that's effective and safe for how to clean a leather purse and revamping your carrying accessory to its former sheen.

Here's how to repair a leather bag with ink stains.

1. Soak Up The Stain Immediately With A Clean Cloth

As soon as you notice the ink stain on your leather purse, grab a clean, dry microfiber cloth (which is available in The Leather Care Kit) and gently blot the area.

Based on our observations, this technique absorbs the ink without pushing it further into the leather, unlike rubbing, which can spread the ink and worsen the stain. We suggest that you keep blotting until no more ink transfers to the cloth.

In this scenario, using a white cloth is best to avoid transferring any dye from the cloth to the leather. This initial step is crucial for minimizing the stain and preventing further damage to your purse.

With the light-colored microfiber cloth from our Andar leather care kit, you can rest assured that it will do nothing but enhance the appearance of your carrying accessory, whether it's damp or dry.

how to remove ink stain from leather bag

2. Clean Purse With Leather Cleaner

Choose a leather cleaner specifically designed for leather, like the one in The Leather Care Kit from us at Andar, to avoid damaging the material.

Before applying the cleaner to the stain, first test it on a hidden area of the purse to ensure it doesn't discolor or warp the leather.

If you're happy with that initial spot test, continue by using a soft microfiber cloth to apply the cleaner to the stained area, working in circular motions across the surface.

3. Mop Up Moisture With Dry Cloth

After cleaning, use a dry cloth to soak up any remaining dampness. Avoid rubbing the leather; instead, pat or dab it gently to absorb the moisture.

If the cloth becomes too wet, switch to a dry one and continue dabbing or patting like before. Our research indicates that this step is critical for preventing water spots and helping the leather dry evenly afterwards.

This method is especially helpful with a full grain leather purse like The Charli. It has a wider exterior than most traditional clutch purses; so it's always a good idea to wipe its leather surface slowly and softly with a microfiber cloth to remove any excess wetness.

4. Air Dry The Purse

Don't use a hair dryer or place the purse near a radiator, as direct heat can damage the leather. Instead, we suggest placing the leather bag in a well-ventilated area to air dry.

Allow between 30-60 minutes (or more depending on the purse's dimensions and cleaning products used) for the purse to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Our investigation demonstrated that natural air drying in this instance helps maintain the leather's integrity and prevents any unexpected warping from artificial heat sources.

full grain leather purse

5. Apply Leather Conditioner Or Cream To Purse

After the purse is dry, apply a leather conditioner or The Leather Cream to keep the leather supple.

Our team discovered through using these products that a little goes a long way with these all-natural conditioning agents, so use a small amount and apply them evenly.

Use a soft microfiber cloth to apply our Andar leather conditioner or cream in circular motions for even coverage. After application, use another clean cloth to gently buff the leather to enhance its shine and appearance.

Conditioning the leather not only revamps its look but also prolongs its lifespan. It also assists with showing you how to fix scratches on leather purse.

6. Air Dry Again

After applying the leather conditioner or cream, ensure that your leather purse dries naturally again, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Through our trial and error, we discovered that giving the leather ample time to absorb these conditioning products (which can take a few hours in some cases) aids in a deeper, longer-lasting treatment.

This is particularly helpful when learning about maintenance and how to clean a white leather purse like The Indie, a popular and compact cross-body full grain leather bag from our range which is available in lighter shades of Crema and Bone Togo.

By following these expert leather care tips from us at Andar, you can effectively remove ink stains and learn how to restore a leather purse to its former, pristine aesthetic.

full grain leather bag


In this guide, we revealed that removing ink from a leather purse can be a delicate process, but with the proper steps, you can soon restore your purse to its original beauty.

Remember to act quickly, use the right products, and allow sufficient drying time during regular intervals.

With our brand, we believe that you have to ‘carry what matters' and taking care of your leather goods ensures they continue to serve you well for years to come.

Explore our handcrafted full grain leather handbags at Andar now to find the perfect items that blend quality and style seamlessly.

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