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What Is the Best Leather?

what is the best leather

When discussing ‘What is the best leather?' or ‘What is premium leather made of?', full-grain leather consistently stands out as the top choice.

As per our expertise, full grain leather not only offers superior elegance but also excels in various manufacturing aspects that make it a worthwhile investment.

At Andar, we specialize in handcrafted full-grain modern leather goods, helping you discover why full grain leather is the best.

In this article, we'll delve into the origins, appearance, quality, aging, resilience, and care of full grain leather. We'll also highlight why our products, made from full grain leather, are luxurious and high-end, reflecting premium craftsmanship and ensuring that you always carry what matters.

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Why Full Grain Leather Is the Best Leather

At Andar, we firmly believe that full grain leather is the best leather available due to its unmatched strength and aesthetic appeal.


Table: Why Full Grain Leather Is The Best Leather




  • Derived from the top layer of the hide
  • Retains the natural grain and strength


  • Showcases natural marks and imperfections
  • Develops a unique patina over time


  • Known for its robustness and resilience
  • Maintains structural integrity for years


  • Ages beautifully
  • Becomes richer and more personalized with use


  • Highly resistant to wear and tear, moisture, and punctures
  • Guarantees longevity of product


  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Regular cleaning and conditioning keep it supple and sturdy


Full grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide, including all of the natural grain. This layer is the strongest part of the hide, making full grain leather incredibly sturdy.

Full grain leather's origins ensure that it retains its natural strength and imperfections, which add to its overall character and uniqueness.

This unaltered surface allows it to breathe and adapt, making it a highly sought-after material in leather goods.


If you're wondering how to tell if leather is full grain, one of its most noticeable features is its natural look.

Unlike other types of leather that undergo extensive processing, full grain leather maintains the natural marks and imperfections of the hide, giving each piece a distinct appearance.

After conducting experiments with it, we found that full grain leather wallets like The Apollo develop a beautiful patina over time, enhancing its look and adding to its timeless charm.

With The Apollo, the leather's surface becomes richer and more vibrant, reflecting the experiences it has gone through, much like a fine wine aging gracefully.

If you're wondering, ‘What material is vegan leather?' The Apollo is also available in vegan-friendly Saguaro cactus leather and cork, which are water and stain-resistant.


The quality of full grain leather is unparalleled and renowned for its robustness.

Based on our first-hand experience, full grain leather products withstand the rigors of daily use much better than other types of leather. They don't crack or peel and maintain their structural integrity for years.

This high standard is why we at Andar use full grain leather in our high-end products which can last a lifetime.

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If you want to know ‘What is a patina on leather?' A patina develops when full grain leather absorbs oils from your skin and elements from the surroundings. This darkens and softens the surface while interacting with its environment over time.

This aging process not only enhances the leather's beauty but also makes each item unique to its owner with its distinct characteristics.


Durability is a defining characteristic of full grain leather. We determined through our tests that this leather type is incredibly tough and can withstand substantial wear and tear.

Its resistance to moisture and punctures makes it an excellent choice for items that are frequently used and subjected to rough conditions, including laptop cases and watch bands for Apple watch.


Caring for full grain leather is relatively simple, and with the right maintenance, it can last for generations. Avoid exposing full grain leather to excessive moisture or direct sunlight, as these can damage the material.

We recommend regular cleaning using our specialized Andar leather cleaner, a clean and soft, microfiber cloth, and conditioner. They're all contained in The Leather Care Kit, helping you keep your leather items supple and preventing them from drying out.

By following these care tips, you can maintain your full grain leather items so they continuously look stunning over time.

Whether it's a minimalist wallet, full grain leather handbag, or leather iPhone case, you can trust that our Andar products are consistently crafted with the finest materials.


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What Is The Best Place To Buy Leather Products?

When looking for the best place to buy leather products, we stand out as a premier choice. We specialize in handcrafted full-grain leather goods that are both luxurious and durable.

We ensure that each product is crafted with precision and care, offering high-grade accessories for everyday use.

Our commitment to premium craftsmanship and customer satisfaction makes Andar the go-to destination for premium leather products.


When asking ‘What is the best leather?', full grain leather tops the list for its unmatched quality, resilience, and aesthetic appeal.

We take pride in offering premium full grain leather products that align with our philosophy of 'carry what matters.' Our leather goods are designed to meet the needs of a diverse audience, offering luxury and comfort for everyone.

Discover the exceptional craftsmanship of our handcrafted full-grain leather products by visiting Andar today to find your perfect piece!

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