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How to Clean a Leather Purse

how to clean a leather purse

Wondering how to clean a leather purse? It's simple: use techniques and products like The Leather Care Kit from our collection to ensure your leather purse stays in top condition.

At Andar, we believe in 'carry what matters', and caring for your leather goods is part of that philosophy.

As experts in handcrafted full grain leather handbags, we'll guide you through each step of cleaning your leather purse, from removing dust to applying a specialized leather cream in this guide. 

Let's get started!

What this article covers:

How to Clean a Leather Purse

Here are our Andar leather care guidelines for cleaning and learning how to restore leather purse.

1. Remove Everything From Purse

Based on our first-hand experience, emptying your purse thoroughly ensures that no items are damaged or misplaced during the cleaning process.

This means shaking out any loose debris to prepare for cleaning, guaranteeing that every corner and pocket is free of dirt.

Inspect the interior if you want to know how to fix scratched leather purse that needs attention before moving on to the next step. This is especially helpful if you also need to learn how to remove ink from leather purse or other unsightly stains.

For a full grain leather purse like The Stevie from us at Andar, this means checking that all three of its large pockets and four card slots are empty of items, debris, or marks before you begin your cleaning regimen.

2. Remove Dust And Debris With A Dry And Clean Cloth

Next, use a soft, dry cloth made of microfibers, which can be found in Andar's The Leather Care Kit, to wipe away surface dust and debris.

Our research indicates that this prevents scratching during the cleaning process, as microfiber cloths are gentle, effective, and made from non-abrasive materials.

We recommend paying special attention to seams and crevices where dust can accumulate. Regular dusting helps maintain the leather's natural sheen and prolongs its life.

how do you clean a leather purse

3. Clean Purse With Cloth And Leather Cleaner

Using the right cleaning agent is crucial for this step.

For a deeper clean, spray a microfiber cloth lightly with Andar's leather cleaner from The Leather Care Kit.

This combination effectively cleans without harming the leather, allowing you to gently wipe down the purse. Avoid soaking the leather with too much cleaning solution though, as excessive moisture can cause damage.

Rubbing vigorously at the material can potentially lead to further warping. Instead, always work in small sections, by dabbing or patting in gentle circular motions to gradually lift dirt and grime from the leather surface.

4. Air Dry Purse

After cleaning, allow the purse to air dry naturally. Our investigation demonstrated that this drying method prevents mold and mildew growth.

In this context, 30 minutes to an hour works best, depending on the size of the leather purse, and cleaning and maintenance products utilized.

Keep the purse in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight, as UV rays can cause the leather to fade and crack.

We don't suggest using heat sources like hair dryers or radiators during this cleaning phase, as they can cause the leather to dry out and crack, subsequently compromising its quality and appearance.

5. Apply Leather Cream With A Clean Cloth

Once dry, apply Andar's The Leather Cream using a clean microfiber cloth. Based on our observations, this step restores moisture and shine to the leather.

Massage our leather cream gently into the surface with circular motions to ensure even coverage and proper permeation. This not only conditions the leather but also protects it from future damage.

Let the cream absorb fully before using your leather purse again, giving it time to nourish the leather thoroughly.

6. Air Dry Purse Once More

By air-drying your purse a second time, we discovered that this helps the leather cream set properly, allowing the leather to absorb the nutrients fully.

This final drying phase solidifies the leather's protection, keeping it supple and resilient. From here, you can either use your leather purse or store it.

full grain leather purse

7. Store Purse In A Cool And Dry Area

Proper storage is key to extending the life of your leather purse. Keep it in a cool, dry area when not in use. Avoid damp or excessively dry environments, which can cause the leather to deteriorate.

Additionally, use a dust bag or pillowcase for extra protection. This shields the purse from dust and environmental factors, helping it remain in pristine condition when you next use it.

With the right techniques and products, preserving your leather purse is simple and rewarding, keeping your leather purse looking new and luxurious for longer.

Trust our expertise and high-quality full grain leather bags at Andar to help you achieve the best results in leather care.

How to Clean Leather Bag at Home FAQs

What Shouldn't I Use To Clean Leather?

When learning how to clean a leather bag at home, it's crucial to avoid using the following cleaning items on leather:

  • harsh chemicals
  • alcohol
  • abrasive scrubbing utensils

Our findings show that they can damage leather and reduce its lifespan. Instead, stick to products specifically designed for cleaning and preserving leather, such as Andar's The Product Care range.

Always test any new cleaning product on a small, inconspicuous area first to check that it doesn't cause adverse effects.

This is particularly important when learning how to clean white leather purse, as you don't want to potentially cause any irreversible discoloration or warping of the material.

How Do I Restore The Luster Of My Leather Purse?

If you want to know how to repair leather purse and its overall luster, use Andar's leather conditioner from The Leather Care Kit. As per our expertise, applying our specialized conditioner regularly keeps leather soft and shiny.

Follow the same cleaning and drying process as outlined above. Consistent care maintains your leather purse's natural sheen and beauty, helping it remain a cherished accessory for the future.

how to clean leather bags


In this guide on how to clean a leather purse, we discovered that cleaning and caring for your leather purse is straightforward with the right products and techniques.

The Leather Care Kit from our collection provides everything you need to maintain your purse's quality, including teaching you how to remove water stain from leather purse.

Now that you know how to care for your leather accessories, trust us at Andar to help you carry what matters most.

So, don't wait another minute.

Explore our premium, handcrafted full grain leather bags now and keep your leather goods looking their best for years to come!

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