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How To Wear a Baseball Hat: 8 Ways

How To Wear a Baseball Hat: 8 Ways

Few pieces of headgear are as immediately iconic or as recognizable as the baseball hat. Andar knows that it’s not just one special function that makes them ubiquitous: There're plenty of reasons why baseball hats continue to be popular.

History of the Baseball Hat

The history of the baseball hat starts in the late 19th century, on the baseball field, naturally. Athletes needed a cap with a brim to keep the sun from their eyes in midday games. Thus, the classic baseball cap was born.

Fast forward a few decades. Suddenly, baseball hats aren’t just for players: They’re for everybody. Since entering the public consciousness, they’ve never left. 

New Styles and Classic Reimaginings 

There are a couple of different hats making the rounds today. Trucker hats are usually adjustable and feature a mesh back. Fitted caps lack any adjustable features and are ideal for those who want a tight fit.

One of the classic cap styles is the dad cap. This sometimes-adjustable, six-panel cap gets its name from its classic, vintage style. Each and every one of the above caps makes its own particular fashion statement. 

There are many ways to style a single cap. Below, we’re going to highlight 8 of our favorites. These style tips range from how to wear a hat to how to pair it with the rest of your outfit. 

1. Brim Forward

The classic and most practical way to wear a baseball hat is with the brim forward. It covers your eyes, it gives the cleanest impression, and it showcases the hat “intentionally.”

You can pretty much never go wrong with wearing your cap with the brim facing forward. That’s not to say, though, that you can’t try wearing it in reverse.

2. Brim Back 

If wearing the brim forward sends a signal of maturity, then flipping it backward sends a signal of casual ease. Not every look or every outfit pairs well with this look, however. There’s always the chance of getting caught looking a little too casual, especially at formal events like an interview, wedding, or upscale restaurant. 

To pair this best, adjust your strap so that it fits tightly to your head. Also, make sure your hair fits comfortably underneath the cap. From there, this look works best with casual or semi-casual outfits. If you’ve seen skiers or snowboarders sport this look, it’s for a good reason: The hat is a lot less likely to fly off their cap or obstruct their view under their helmet. 

3. Match It With a Scarf

Pairing multiple accessories together can elevate them to a higher position than either would achieve individually. A scarf taken together with a cap makes for a perfect mild-weather outfit.

There are two essential strategies you can take to pairing: On one hand, you may choose to pair a scarf with a like-colored baseball cap. On the other hand, you might go for high contrast with your cap.

Either way, when it comes to color, we suggest staying within the same line of saturation. For example, pastels with pastels or high saturation colors with other highly saturated garments. 

4. Update a Casual Outfit

A baseball cap will add an extra level of complexity to an otherwise simple outfit. A pair of shorts and a shirt are basic on their own. A third article can completely change the impression.

Plain caps give a simple, minimalist flair. A baseball cap repping a particular team, on the other hand, can give any fit a sporty look. A designer-branded cap, meanwhile, helps to create a fashion-forward outfit. There are plenty of subtle ways that the right hat can alter your apparel for the better.

5. Go for a Minimalist Style

You can find a baseball cap to match just about any style you like. For a wholly minimalist look, you can get a monocolored cap. Then you can pair it with virtually any outfit for any occasion. 

Brightly colored or multicolored caps may not mesh well with your whole wardrobe. By choosing conservative, quality designs, you ensure versatility across your wardrobe. Minimalist styles are fantastic for keeping your whole ensemble stream-lined or for letting one piece, like a chain or leather jacket, take the main focus with no competition. 

6. Make the Logo the Focal Point

Of course, you don’t have to keep your headgear humble. Logo ball caps have been popular for essentially the whole history of the piece. They are a great way to showcase camaraderie. That’s the case for businesses, sports teams, schools, fashion companies, and anyone else who uses branding. 

A great logo not only looks good but also makes a statement about your values. Wearing a cap from a sports team shows where your loyalty lies. The same goes for a cap representing a company. In Andar’s case, our embroidered caps represent a strong value statement on quality leather, long-lived articles, and everyday goods

7. As a Sun Guard

The visor of the baseball cap is used, most practically, as a sun guard. From a practical standpoint, this remains the strongest reason to wear a baseball cap. If the sun goes down and you want better visibility, you can simply flip the brim back. 

Andar knows better than most the importance of keeping the sun from your eyes. We’re based in Arizona, known for many things (like top-tier full-grain leather goods), but among them is the state’s rich desert ecosystem.

A hat worn in the desert won’t just keep the sun off your eyes — it’ll keep it off your face. It can reduce both sweat and your chance of sunburn in a situation such as this. 

8. Pair It With a Cap and Shades

Some looks scream “anonymity” in a positive way — evoking the secret agent motif. Pairing a cap with a pair of sunglasses helps create this image. Covering your head and your eyes, your outfit suggests someone with somewhere to be. It’s the perfect summertime look, keeping your skin covered and the sun from your eyes. 

The result is a cool-casual look that also offers sun protection. It’s an ideal way to dress up a casual, everyday fit. This combination looks just as good with a button-down and jeans as it does with a simple shirt and shorts. These accessories can also easily be put away when you transition indoors.

Part of what makes caps great is their versatility. That’s the fundamental aspect that has given them their staying power for over a century. This look emphasizes that more than anything. With this final detail, our list of pairing methods for baseball hats has reached its conclusion. 

Buying Tips: Choose a Good Base Material

You should choose your hat, partially according to the material it's made from. The best materials for baseball caps are comfortable but won’t retain too much heat and remain breathable under any conditions.

That way, whether you’re wearing them casually or athletically, you’ll be kept comfortable. For one example of a great base material, we’d like to highlight our Desert Grown Hat.

This classic dad hat is adjustable and available in an environmentally-inspired Mojave color. It also features a contrast-colored white Desert Grown embroidery on the front. The reason it merits mention here is largely because of the unique material backing it. 

The Desert Grown Hat is made from twill weave, known for its comfort and durability. Twill is a special type of cotton weave whose threads run diagonally. This helps it resist tearing and enhances the garment's overall strength. There are numerous types of twill, which vary based on the warp and weft of the particular fabric. 

Final Tip: Enjoy Your Goods In Style

There are countless ways to style your hat. These go from the way you place it on your head to what you wear it with.

A good cap has the added benefit that it doesn’t suffer the same wear and tear other goods do. It doesn’t see the use or need the repair that leather does or the repeated washes that other clothes endure. A good cap simply stays good.


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