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Where To Find Your MacBook Pro Model Number and Why You Might Need To

Where To Find Your MacBook Pro Model Number and Why You Might Need To

In today’s digital world, your electronic devices are just as important as your wallets, credit cards, and ID—especially since they can hold all of that information and more. It has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Therefore, we need to know everything about them as we can on the chance that something happens to them. After all, we take the same precaution when memorizing our credit card information in case we lose it. 

If you’re the proud owner of a Macbook Pro—one of the best, high-quality laptops at the moment that are very popular among consumers—protection of this highly expensive, data-filled electronic is essential for many reasons. 

This begins with the laptop’s model number. Not sure where it is or why you need it? Read on to learn more and discover the key to the longevity of this product.

Where To Find Your MacBook Pro Model Number

It’s fairly easy to locate your MacBook Pro model number. If you click on “About This Mac,” located under the Apple menu in the top left corner of your desktop, you’ll see your model number along with other information about your MacBook Pro. Another option is to use the System Information app, which shows you the model number under the Hardware tab. 

Alternatively, you can identify the MacBook Pro model number without even turning on your laptop. On the underside of Macbooks, the model number is usually printed near the regulatory markings. With older Macbook Pros, the model number can be found on its back panel below the video ports.

If you still have access to its original packaging, you can locate the serial number—it’s usually printed next to the barcode—and then either match it to a list of models or enter it into the Check Coverage page to identify your model.

Why You Might Need To Find It

Knowing the model number of your MacBook Pro allows you to identify it among the many other models and versions of the popular laptop. In turn, that can help you identify details about your Macbook’s technical specifications, such as storage, operating system, battery life, weight, screen size, memory, and additional features—all of which can come in handy at different points in your life.

As we mentioned earlier, protecting electronic devices such as your MacBook Pro is essential because of how much important personal information it holds. The easiest way to do that is to know where to find its model number. 

But in what instances would knowing where to find the model number serve to protect the device? 


One of the best things about Macbooks is their longevity. The average lifespan of a Macbook Pro is seven years. However, if cared for properly, it could even last up to nine years. Of course, there may be incidents that pop up in life that hinder the laptop’s ability to function to its fullest capacity, or even at all. In those cases, repairs are a must, and that’s when knowing your model number can come in handy.

When it comes to MacBook Pros, it’s always frustrating when issues arise. It’s tempting to just bring it to the nearest Apple store and just have them fix it. First, you should take a look at the problem and see if there’s anything you can do about it.

Some of the most common problems with MacBooks include:

  • A failed MacBook startup.
  • Poor quality of the FaceTime camera image.
  • External devices not connecting properly.
  • Flickering of the Mac screen.
  • MacBook sound cutting out.
  • MacBook is running slowly.
  • MacBook is not charging when plugged in.
  • Bluetooth is not turning on or off.
  • Keyboard is not working.
  • MacBook won’t shut down. 

Most of the time, there are easy (and free) solutions that you can fix on your own. If the issue is out of your control or more serious than you expected, then professional assistance would be required.

With any MacBook Pro repairs, it’s best to check to see if it would be covered by warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan. If you're not sure of the specifics of your AppleCare Protection Plan or are unsure if the service would be covered by it, you can easily check online.

However, to do so, you would need to know some of the basic information about your MacBook–including its model number.

The steps we mentioned earlier about how to find your model number are really useful in this situation. After identifying the serial number, copy and paste it into Apple’s Check Coverage page. Click continue, and you’ll see your MacBook Pro model number, along with details on what support services are covered.

Picking Out Carriers

Protecting your MacBook Pro involves proactive thinking. That is, while it’s great that you know how to go about fixing your laptop when issues arise, you want to make sure you’re taking steps to protect it against incidents that can occur due to your external environment. 

Water spills are one of the biggest causes of damage to MacBooks. That can be either through spilling a drink onto the laptop or even through rainwater. The latter is one that can be solved easily by getting a high-quality protective MacBook carrier that can protect the electronics from water that could seep in on a rainy day.

You may be considering buying one of the traditional carrying cases or sleeves that are designed specifically for Macbooks. Although they have their benefits, there are significant limitations to the protection they can provide—and that’s where our Andar bags come in.

The Andar Style

All of our products are made out of full-grain leather. There are so many reasons to shop full-grain. In terms of qualities that protect electronics from water, this material is stronger, more durable, and more water-resistant than any other type of leather. 

Your computer is pretty important to you. It’s how we work, how we game, relax, and connect to friends and family. Protecting your computer (and the financial investment it represents) is key. 

The Helm is a smooth oil waxed full grain leather snap-on case for the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. Not only is the outside beautiful, but this case is lined with microfiber to ensure that your computer is protected from the trials of daily use. This case comes in four colors: Jet Black, Brown, Camel Tan, and Navy. 

One of the best things about laptops is the ability to bring them anywhere. When you’re on the go, you don’t have time to worry about your laptop encountering damage. With The Chase, a premium full grain leather laptop sleeve, your computer is primed and ready to follow you on all your adventures. Coming in two colors, Camel Tan/Brown and Sand/Navy Blue, this case protects laptops ranging from 13.5” to 16”.

Two full zipper pockets ensure that you can bring the necessary accessories with you on the go. With a high-quality microfiber plush inside, your computer is safe and ready to travel. 

The Addison, for example, is one of our leather backpacks that would ensure full protection (and style!) while carrying around your expensive laptop. The 100% Premium Full-Grain Oil-Waxed Leather surrounds the soft microfiber inside lining, giving it a sleek and durable outer layer and a comfortable and equally protective interior. 

Style meets practicality with this bag. It comes in four beautiful colors, including Camel Tan, Jet Black, Ivory Blush, and Navy—any of which are sure to catch everyone’s eye. The Addison also has multiple pockets, including a hidden one in the back for phone or cash storage. It’s easy to stay organized all while looking put together with this backpack.

It’s perfect for those rainy weekdays when you’re in a rush to get to work. Rather than carrying your purse, a backpack, and your laptop carrying case separately, you can opt for a minimalist, organized lifestyle. This practical leather bag can fit all of your essentials in one place.

So how does knowing your MacBook Pro model number relate to picking out a backpack to carry it in? The answer is simple: dimensions. Every MacBook varies in size and shape, whether it be weight, length, width, etc., and you want to make sure your new backpack can easily store and fit your laptop. 

If you know your model number but don’t know the exact dimensions of your laptop, simply search it online, and you’ll be able to find all of that information. The Addison is big enough to fit 13 inch and 14 inch laptops, so if your Macbook Pro fits in that range, you’re in luck!

When It May Be Ready To Retire

MacBook Pros can last a long time but not a lifetime. At some point, it’ll be time to retire your trusty laptop. But when do you know when it’s time?

After taking the laptop’s current state into consideration, it’s useful to look into the model number to determine the next steps. By doing a quick Google search, you can get a ton of valuable information about your specific MacBook Pro model, such as when it was made, the operating system it uses, and its drive capacity. 

Even if you got the laptop seven years prior, having an older model can impact its functionality. If you’re trying to repair your MacBook Pro, but the hardware for that model isn't made anymore because of how old it is, opting for a newer model could be your best option. 

Similarly, if you’re running out of space or the current operating system doesn’t have the capacity to support whatever you need your laptop for, that’s another sign that it’s time to upgrade. 

Model Number Is Key

Knowing the model number of your MacBook Pro, or at least knowing how to find it, serves so many purposes today. Whether you’re looking to fix up your laptop or take action to protect your valuable and expensive device, the model number is the place to begin. 



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