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Should You Carry Your Social Security Card in Your Wallet?

should you carry your social security card in your wallet

Should you carry your Social Security card in your wallet?

The short answer is no. We don't advise carrying such vital documents in your wallet. Drawing from our experience, this can potentially lead to identity theft and other security issues.

At Andar, we understand the importance of keeping your money, cards and information secure. As experts in leather wallets, we offer card holders that are designed to protect your personal information while maintaining style and functionality.

In this guide, we'll discuss things you shouldn't carry in your wallet, including your Social Security card.

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Things You Should Never Keep in Your Wallet

Social Security Card

Your Social Security card is a gateway to your identity. Carrying it in your wallet is a risk you shouldn't take. If lost or stolen, it can lead to identity theft, causing significant financial and legal problems.

According to Take Charge America, your Social Security number is one of the most sensitive pieces of personal information.

Instead of carrying it with you, we recommend that you memorize your number and keep the card in a secure place at home.

However, should you need to carry your Social Security card, we recommend placing it in wallets like The Pilot (Wingman Edition).

Through our trial and error, we discovered that it comes equipped with a front slot that's secure enough to store important information like your Social Security card.

For added assurances against pickpockets, we recommend carrying your wallet in your front pocket instead of the back pocket.

should i carry my social security card in my wallet

Medicare Or Health Insurance Card

Like your Social Security card, your Medicare or health insurance card contains sensitive information. We advise against carrying these cards unless you're heading to a doctor's appointment.

Photocopies with sensitive numbers blacked out can be a safer alternative for everyday carry.

With that said, you can't go wrong carrying your medical-related cards in a wallet like The Freeman.

After putting it to the test, this card holder wallet contains an ID window slot that you can easily store these critical cards in. That way, it's visible any time you want to access them.

Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is crucial to your personal identity and should be kept securely at home under normal circumstances. It can be used to steal your identity or obtain other paperwork in your name.

Still, The Ranger is an excellent Andar wallet to help you carry your birth certificate on rare occasions.

Our tests indicated that you can easily store your birth certificate in the cash strap section of this bi-fold wallet. The elastic band will hold this precious document firmly in place during your travels.


Carrying your passport in your wallet is a significant risk, especially when you aren't traveling. Our findings show that a lost or stolen passport can be a goldmine for identity thieves.

That's why we advise the use of other forms of identification for domestic purposes and keep your passport in a secure location.

If you are travelling internationally, then an Andar wallet like The Atlas is the perfect companion.

When we tested this product, we discovered that it contains a large slot designed to securely carry your passport and other important travel documents.

So, next time you're at the airport, simply access your passport with the convenient elastic pull-tab that comes with this stellar passport protector wallet.

should you keep your social security card in your wallet

Multiple Credit Cards

While it's convenient to have multiple credit cards, carrying all of them in your wallet increases the risk of financial loss and identity theft.

At Andar, we're firm believers in limiting the number of credit cards you carry to reduce unnecessary bulk. This will aid with preventing wear and tear as well as prevent potential damage in case of loss or theft.

With credit cards, there's no better card wallet than The Turner. It's made with premium full-grain leather and designed to last a long time so you worry less about how to restore leather wallet.

After trying out this product, we discovered the convenience of its non-elastic pull tab, helping you easily store and retrieve your credit cards. Morever, it contains our RFID blocking technology to safeguard your information against digital theft.

Whenever you need to carry your credit cards, we recommend monitoring your credit card statements regularly to spot any unauthorized transactions quickly as an added safety measure.

Password Cheat Sheet

Carrying a cheat sheet with passwords or PINs in your wallet is like handing over the keys to your digital life in case of theft.

That's why it's crucial to keep sensitive information like this out of your wallet. Instead, consider using a secure digital password manager.

At Andar, we understand the importance of security, which is why our leather wallets are designed to carry only what you need, without compromising on safety.


While checks might seem like a secure form of payment, carrying blank checks in your wallet is risky. Based on our first-hand experience lost or stolen checks can easily be misused.

It's safer to carry a single check only when necessary and to keep the rest securely at home.

Our investigation demonstrated that using an Andar wallet with a money clip like The Apollo can be effective with safely storing a check to protect against potential pickpockets.

should i keep my social security card in my wallet

Excess Cash

Carrying large amounts of cash isn't just risky but also unnecessary in most situations. You should only carry as much cash as you might need for the day.

Our Andar wallets from The Cork Collection are designed to help you carry your cash securely without the bulk, ensuring both style and practicality.

Aside from their durable cork design, our findings show that they also contain a designer money clip that keeps your cash organized and safe wherever you go.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are like cash and can be a loss if your wallet is lost or stolen. We recommend only carrying gift cards when you plan to use them.

Wallets like The Ambassador have specialized compartments that allow you to carry gift cards safely when needed.

Our research indicates that this card holder can even hold up 10 cards at a time for a serious shopping spree.

Spare House Key

Carrying a spare house key in your wallet might seem convenient, but it's a security risk.

If your wallet is lost or stolen, it could lead to a potential home break-in. We suggest keeping spare keys with a trusted friend or family member instead.

Alternatively, you can store your spare house keys in our Andar laptop cases. We determined through our tests that your wallet won't get damaged while still keeping your keys safe in this scenario.

If you're wondering where to keep wallet, they fit comfortablty in our laptop bags as well.

Car Keys

Similar to house keys, car keys shouldn't be kept in your wallet. Losing them along with your wallet can compromise both your home and vehicle security.

As per our expertise, it's best to keep your car keys in a separate, secure place. That's why we recommend our wide selection of full grain leather bags.

They're stylish and spacious, helping you keep prized possessions like your car keys out of sight and safe at all times.


While it's nice to carry photos of loved ones, they can add unnecessary bulk to your wallet.

At Andar, our wallets are designed to streamline what you carry, focusing on essentials while maintaining a sleek profile. Whenever you need to carry photos, wallets like The Apollo have a specialized ID pocket.

Through our practical knowledge, the elastic pull-tab gives you quick access, helping you keep track of these mementos while on the go.

things you should never carry in your wallet


In this article, we've answered the critical question: ‘Should you carry your Social Security card in your wallet'?

The answer is a resounding no, along with other important personal documents. These items increase the risk of identity theft and financial loss if your wallet is lost or stolen.

But whenever the need arises to carry these items, we offer a range of leather wallets that help you keep your essentials organized and secure.

Remember, it's not just about what you carry, but how you carry it. So, shop now at Andar and experience our exceptional blend of security and style.

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