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What OZ Leather for Wallet?

what oz leather for wallet

When selecting the perfect leather wallet, one crucial aspect often overlooked is the thickness of the leather, which is often measured in ounces (oz).

Through our practical knowledge of making leather wallets, this measurement is pivotal in determining what oz leather for wallet you need to ensure durability, feel, and overall quality.

At Andar, we understand the importance of balancing robustness with the sleekness in our leather wallets.

In this blog post, we'll explore the different measurements for leather and evaluate why striking the right balance is essential for choosing the ideal wallet.

Let's dive in!

What this article covers:

How Is Leather Thickness Measured?

Leather thickness can be measured in various units, such as:

  • ounces (oz)
  • milimeters (mm)
  • irons

Our findings show that each of these measurement styles provide a different perspective on the leather's measurements and characteristics.

Table: Thickness Of Leather Products Measured In Ounces, Milimeters And Irons


Ounces (oz)

Milimeters (mm)


Product Recommendations


2 - 5

0.8 - 2

1.5 - 3.75

The Freeman

The Ambassador

Airpod Cases

1.3 - 1.6

0.4 - 0.5

0.75 - 1

The Capsule

The Madera


4 - 5

1.6 - 2

3 - 3.75

The Stevie

The Charli

The Quinn

Phone Cases

5 - 6

2 - 2.4

3.75 - 4.5

The Aspen

The Marshal

Laptop Cases

6 - 7

2.4 - 2.8

4.5 - 5.25

The Chase

The Helm

Ounces (oz)

In the United States, leather thickness is often measured in ounces as we've seen here at Andar. One ounce corresponds to approximately 1/64th of an inch.

This measurement is especially favored in the leather crafting industry. This is due to its straightforward relation to the material's weight and heftiness.

An example of a lightweight wallet in our Andar arsenal is The Freeman. Our tests show that it comes with multiple card slots while still maintaining its sleek design.

Millimeters (mm)

Globally, millimeters are a more common unit for measuring the sturdiness of leather. This metric measurement offers precision and is easily understandable, making it a popular choice in many countries.


One traditional method of measuring leather thickness is in irons. An iron is a unit specific to the leather industry, equating to 1/48th of an inch.

Through our practical knowledge, this measurement is commonly used in the UK and provides a fine scale for assessing leather heftiness.

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Why Is Leather Measured in Ounces?

Measuring leather in ounces offers a practical and intuitive understanding of its weight and, consequently, its potential applications.

The ounce measurement directly correlates to the leather's weight per square foot, providing a clear indication of its heft and sturdiness.

This method is particularly useful in industries like ours at Andar, where the balance between durability and sleekness is key.

An example of this is The Ambassador. It's a slimmer version of the classic bi-fold wallet made with full-grain leather.

In the context of wallets, the thickness of the leather is a critical factor. It influences both the durability and feel of the wallet but also its practicality.

Based on our first hand experience, leather wallets in particular, from simple to more intricate designs usually weigh between two to five ounces.

At Andar, we meticulously select leather of the optimal measurements, ensuring that our leather wallets are both resilient and elegantly slim.

Tools Used to Measure Leather Thickness and Weight

Here at Andar, measuring the weight of leather is a precise art, requiring specific tools such as wood, caliper, and laser sensors to ensure accuracy.


A traditional, yet still widely used method for measuring leather is the use of a wood strip.

This tool, often marked with measurements in inches or millimeters, allows for a quick and straightforward assessment of leather thickness.

While it doesn't compare as much with the precision of more modern tools, its simplicity and ease of use make it a valuable tool in initial evaluation of leather measurements.

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In contrast with wood, the caliper is a more precise instrument used in measuring leather thickness.

Drawing from our experience, calipers can provide extremely accurate measurements. This is crucial in ensuring the consistency and quality of leather products, particularly wallets.

By using calipers, you can precisely determine the feel and durability of our leather, ensuring that each card case wallet we produce meets our stringent standards for slimness and durability.

Laser Sensor

For the utmost precision, a laser sensor is employed. This advanced tool uses laser technology to measure the thickness of leather without physical contact.

This method is incredibly accurate and is used in numerous quality control processes in the leather craft industry.

After putting it to the test, laser sensors ensure that the leather used in our wallets is of the exact measurements required for optimal performance and aesthetics.

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In this blog post we've explored the question, 'What oz leather for wallet?' by delving into the various measurements of leather thickness and their significance.

Understanding the importance of measuring leather correctly is crucial in selecting leather products that are stylish, practical, and durable.

At Andar, we pride ourselves on offering a range of leather wallets that perfectly balance elegance with functionality.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Andar today and discover ideal leather wallets that are lightweight and meet all your organizational needs!

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