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How to Attach a Chain to a Wallet

how to attach a chain to a wallet

In the world of wallets, the question of how to attach a chain to a wallet is not just about security; it's a statement of style and personal expression.

At Andar, we've seen the evolution of this trend from a practical necessity to a fashion accessory.

Whether it's for the peace of mind that comes with added security or to add a touch of edgy flair to your ensemble, mastering the art of attaching a chain to your wallet is a skill worth acquiring. 

Through years of crafting and experimenting with leather wallets, we've gathered a wealth of knowledge and tips to make this process seamless and stylish. Let's delve into the steps that will transform your wallet into a secure and chic accessory.

How to Attach a Chain to a Wallet

Attaching a chain to your wallet is a craft that merges the security of how to keep your wallet from falling out of your pocket with an edgy aesthetic. At Andar, we've refined this process to ensure both functionality and style are paramount.

Before embarking on this journey, we would recommend learning the basics of how to care for a leather wallet so that your wallet remains in top form throughout. Here's a detailed guide on how to achieve this:

Using A Keyring Or Keychain

If your wallet already features a built-in keyring, like with The Denner and The Poppy, the process is quite straightforward. Attach one end of the chain to this keyring. For the other end, choose a sturdy belt loop on your pants.

how to attach chain to walletIn our experience, this method is versatile and suitable for almost any wallet type, from the classic bifold to something more minimalist. It's a quick and efficient way to secure your wallet, ensuring it's always within reach.

Using A Chain Screw Connector

For those seeking a more polished look, a chain screw connector is an excellent choice. Typically made of stainless steel, these connectors add a sleek touch to any wallet chain.

First, create a hole in your wallet at a chosen spot, preferably at a corner for ease of access and balance. Use a hammer and a brad for this step, taking care to make a clean hole. Slide the screw connector into this hole, ensuring it fits snugly and is aligned properly.

Once in place, attach your wallet chain to the connector. In our experience, this method not only secures your wallet but does so with a refined aesthetic.

Installing A Grommet

For a more subtle and professional finish, installing a grommet is the way to go. If you’re wondering how to use a minimalist wallet and want to maintain a minimalist aesthetic, then this method is best.

This requires a bit more in terms of tools - a grommet kit, which includes a hammer, a hole cutter, and grommet setters, is essential.

how to add chain to wallet

These tools are readily available at most hardware stores. Start by marking the spot on your wallet where you want the grommet. Use the hole cutter to create a precise hole, then place the grommet in the hole.

With the grommet setters, secure the grommet into place, ensuring it's tightly fixed. This method not only adds a sleek touch to your wallet but also ensures the chain attachment is robust and long-lasting.

Creating A DIY Keyring

For wallets without a pre-existing keyring, a little DIY is in order. Start by selecting the top corner of your wallet for the placement of the keyring. Using a hammer and a brad, carefully punch a hole through the leather.

Be sure to place a cutting board or a similar protective surface underneath to avoid damage. Once the hole is made, choose either a waxed cotton cord or a split ring for your DIY keyring. Waxed cotton cords are robust and resistant to elements, making them a lasting choice.

Thread it through the hole and tie it securely. If you opt for a split ring, ensure it's threaded through the hole and closed properly. After putting it to the test, we’ve found that this method not only adds functionality but also a touch of personal craftsmanship to your wallet.


Attaching a chain to your wallet is more than just a practical move; it's a fashion statement. Whether you prefer a DIY keyring, a sleek chain screw connector, or a discreet grommet, each method adds a unique touch to your wallet while keeping it secure.

And if you’re looking for a classic and sophisticated wallet to match your chain, Andar has you covered. Our range of leather wallets is both stylish and secure.

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