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What Is a Women's Wallet Called?

what is a women's wallet called

When it comes to women's wallets, the variety and terminology can be as diverse and unique as the women who use them.

But what is a women's wallet called? These indispensable accessories are commonly known by names such as wristlets, indexers, organizers, clutches, coin purses, and leather wallets.

Each type serves a specific purpose and offers unique benefits, catering to different needs and occasions.

At Andar, we specialize in crafting high-quality leather wallets for women that combine functionality with style.

In this guide, we'll explore the different types of women's wallets and give our expert product recommendations for each category.

Let's dig in!

What this article covers:

What Types of Women's Wallets Are There?

Table: Types Of Women's Wallets

Wallet Type



Product Recommendations


Small and compact

Can be carried around the wrist

Keeps valuables safe

Quick access to valuables

Easy to carry around

The Denner

The Poppy


Compact wallet that fits into larger bags

Offers great organization for personal items

Variety of wallet colors and textures to choose from

The Pilot

The Cork Collection


Contain multiple slots to hold cards

Keeps your wallet highly organized

Helps you carry just the essentials

The Scout


Wallet that's usually carried in the hand or slung over the shoulder

Able to hold more cards and cash

The Denner

The Charli

The Stevie

Coin Purse

Wallet specially designed to carry coins

Compact and practical

Easy to carry around

The Poppy

The Stevie


Wallets made from leather often come in a variety of styles and sizes

Lasts longer than most wallet materials

The Denner

The Poppy

Wristlet Wallets

Wristlet leather wallets are designed for convenience and ease of access.

These wallets come with a detachable wrist strap, allowing them to be carried effortlessly around the wrist.

As per our expertise, wristlets are a stylish yet practical choice for women on the go, making them ideal for shopping, commuting, or traveling.

They offer just enough space to carry essential items like cash, cards, and a phone, making them a perfect blend of minimalism and functionality.

At Andar, we offer two stylish and practical wristlet wallets for women - The Denner and The Poppy.

The Denner


  • Compact and Lightweight: Slim and compact
  • Quality Material: Handwoven using full-grain leather
  • RFID Protection: Contains RFID blocker to prevent digital theft
  • Versatile Storage: Can hold up to 10 cards at a time
  • Easy Access: Easy retrieval of cards and bills

Best For

  • People who need a wallet's that practical and stylish
  • People who need to protect their financial information

The Poppy


  • Compact and Lightweight: Compact version of The Stevie clutch purse
  • Quality Material: Made with premium full-grain leather
  • RFID Protection: Comes equipped with RFID blocking technology for data protection
  • Versatile Storage: Sides expand for more spacious storage
  • Easy Access: Magnetic snap gives easy access to cash and cards

Best For

  • People who value minimalism and organization in their wallets
  • People who value wallets that are functional, compact and trendy
thin wallet

Indexer Wallets

Indexer wallets, such as Andar's The Pilot and The Cork Collection, are known for their compact design and efficient organization.

These wallets typically feature multiple flaps and slots for cards and IDs, allowing for easy indexing and access to your belongings.

If you're wondering, ‘What is a front pocket wallet?', then The Pilot is your-go-to front pocket wallet for indexing your cards into neat sections.

The Pilot


  • Compact and Lightweight: Compact design that's subtly spacious
  • Quality Material: Made with full-grain leather, then coated with anodized aluminum
  • RFID Protection: Has RFID blocking to protect your financial information
  • Versatile Storage: Lots of storage space for cards and bills
  • Easy Access: Pull and trigger mechanism gives easy access to valuables

Best For

  • People who value wallets that are slim and convenient to use
  • Minimalists looking to reduce unnecessary bulk in their wallets

The Cork Collection

We've created a special cork edition of our four favorite indexer wallets - The Apollo, The Ambassador, The Freeman, and The Scout.


  • Compact and Lightweight: Slim and lightweight front pocket wallets
  • Quality Material: Made from durable cork that's stain and water-resistant
  • RFID Protection: Comes equipped with RFID blockers for added protection against electronic theft
  • Versatile Storage: Great space and compartments for cards and cash
  • Easy Access: Compact shapes designed for easy retrieval valuables

Best For

  • People who value wallets that withstand daily wear and tear
  • People who prefer carrying their necessities in an organized and slim wallet
  • People who want variety in wallet styles and colors

After trying out these products, the compact size of our indexer wallets makes them an excellent choice if you prefer a smaller, more organized wallet that fits easily into your purse or pocket.

Then there's the fact that The Pilot and The Cork Collection also come in different colors with unique, monogrammed designs for women who like making bold statements with their accessories.

card holder wallet

Organizer Wallets

Organizer wallets and card holders, like The Scout, are the epitome of neatness and functionality. They're designed to ensure that everything has its proper place in your wallet.

The Scout


  • Compact and Lightweight: Slim design and weight
  • Quality Material: Available in premium full-grain leather and cork
  • RFID Protection: Comes with an RFID blocker to prevent electronic theft
  • Versatile Storage: Contains large compartments for storing cards and bills
  • Easy Access: Minimalist approach to organizing personal belongings

Best For

  • Minimalists who value convenience and style in a slim wallet suited for any occasion
  • People looking for a wallet that's organized and trendy

With seven card slots and a large center pocket for cards, cash, and other essentials, this Andar organizer wallet is ideal for anyone who carries multiple items and prefers to have them neatly arranged for easy access.

Clutch Wallets

Clutch wallets stand out for their elegance and versatility.

They're typically used in more formal settings and are designed to hold valuable possessions like cash, cards, and a phone.

If you're wondering, ‘What is a continental wallet?', it's similar to a clutch wallet in that it's a small wallet which can also be carried around in your hand.

Clutch wallets differ from regular wallets in their standalone design, often lacking straps or handles. As per our expertise, they come in various styles, including:

  • envelope
  • snap
  • box
  • Pouch

For a little extra storage, we recommend investing in The Charli by Andar.

leather bags made in usa

The Charli


  • Compact and Lightweight: Slim and easy envelope shape to carry
  • Quality Material: Made from premium full-grain leather that's oil waxed
  • Versatile Storage: Perfect for carrying the essentials, including your wallet
  • Easy Access: Attaches magnetically inside full grain leather bags like The Page

Best For

  • People who carry their bags on different occasions
  • People who value great storage and organization in their bags

Coin Wallets

Coin purses are an essential accessory for women who value both style and practicality. These purses offer a compact solution for carrying coins and small items without adding unnecessary bulk to your bag.

For instance, The Poppy isn't just an effective coin purse substitute but a versatile accessory that can hold cards and cash in a sleek, organized manner.

Similarly, The Stevie combines the practicality of a coin purse with the elegance of a full grain leather bag, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate minimalist design for holding their coins.

All you need to do is remove the wristlet attachment on The Poppy and carry it inside The Stevie for added security against pickpockets.

The Stevie


  • Compact and Lightweight: Sleek and easily stores wallets
  • Quality Material: Made from premium oil-waxes, full-grain leather with a soft microfiber inner lining
  • Versatile Storage: Has multiple card slots and fits snugly inside a top grain leather bag like The Addison
  • Easy Access: Strong magnetic tab to easily open and close bag
american made leather bags

Best For

  • People who prefer a larger version of The Poppy
  • People who like carrying multiple wallet accessories
  • People looking for extra storage for their wallets

Leather Wallets

Women's leather wallets, especially those crafted by us at Andar, are more than just accessories; they're a blend of style and functionality.

Leather, as a material, offers numerous benefits for women's wallets. It's not only timeless in its appeal but also exceptionally durable, ensuring that your wallet withstands the rigors of daily use while aging gracefully.

The handwoven leather and intricate stitching of The Poppy and The Denner not only adds a unique texture but also speaks to the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every one of our wallets.

Choosing a leather wallet from Andar means investing in a piece that combines practicality with luxury.

slim wallet


In this article, we've explored the question 'What is a women's wallet called?' and delved into the various types of women's wallets offered by us at Andar.

From the practical wristlet to the timeless leather wallet, our range is designed to meet the diverse needs and styles of women today.

Whether you're looking to organize your essentials or make a fashion statement, our collection has something for everyone.

So why wait? Shop now at Andar and find the perfect minimalist wallet that complements your lifestyle and elevates your everyday carry.

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