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iPad Workstation: Create the Perfect Setup for Better Productivity

iPad Workstation: Create the Perfect Setup for Better Productivity

Apple introduced the iPad in mid-2007. It was not the first tablet to come out, but it is perhaps the most important, influential, and successful. Apple’s tablet market shares hover around 39%, with the closest competitor Samsung clocking in in the low teens. Its influence goes beyond that, as the name is synonymous with capability and an all-around great product. 

Yet, it still has had shortcomings in the past. Before the advent of the Apple Pencil, many users felt as though Apple was falling behind competitors in its functionality, especially in the creative and artistic spaces that they normally would dominate.

However, with recent updates to the iPad OS, a lot of the previous issues have been fixed, and the product has moved back to the undisputed top of the totem pole. 

With these new updates comes a litany of new products that make your ability to be productive regardless of your needs and uses much easier. At Andar, we want to help increase the quality and utility of your iPad workstation, whether it is at home or in the office, or on the go.

Below we list a few products and practices that will help transform your iPad into the productivity machine that you need it to be.

Improving Your Stationary iPad Station

One of the biggest assumptions is that your iPad station must be mobile, but if you find yourself constantly sitting in the same spot to do work, you might want to think about improving it as a more permanent station.

In addition, its sidecar capabilities can benefit from a few devices as well. This does not mean that you need to keep the iPad there. Instead, think of it as a station that can be utilized wherever you are, partly thanks to your iPad’s mobility. 

Apple’s Keyboard

One of the big problems that the iPad used to run into was the fact that it was not easily compatible with any keyboard. Originally, Apple did not perceive this as necessary, but with continued pressure to create compatibility, Apple caved and even came out with their own keyboard: the Apple Magic Keyboard.

There are a few main types of keyboards, but for the sake of this post, it is probably best to narrow it down to two types: attached (folio) and Bluetooth.

Both have different strengths and weaknesses, but for the stationary set up, the Bluetooth/wireless setup is probably the best. It can be moved around too, so it is easiest to position comfortably when sitting at your desk and typing for hours on end. 

The folio might be better for on the go (we will discuss that next), but it has a limited range of movement since it always has to be in the same spot in relation to the iPad itself. Because of this, stamina with the same position could be tested when the wireless keyboard is best for moving about and making sure you do not stretch yourself. 

A Mouse

Another big problem with Apple’s first iterations of the iPad was the lack of a pointing device. The new OS has been overhauled to include compatibility with pointing devices, especially Apple’s own Magic Trackpad 2. This trackpad is great, compact, and equipped with the same trackpad gestures as the Mac and Macbook. 

While this is the best, some third-party mouses can work, and if you are not a fan of the trackpad model, you can hook up some Bluetooth-compatible mouses. It is not as smooth, and there are limitations, but it is possible.

iPad Stands

Another must-have for your home or office setup is a stand for your iPad. Your iPad does not always have a case that can prop it up (and even if it does, it’s not the best angle for web meetings or a healthy posture while working). As such, it is important to think about getting yourself a stand that will prop your iPad up to put it at the optimal height and angle for working.

Most can be adjusted, and even some can be made to be a bit more on the go, so depending on your situation and how you use your iPad, you might want to consider all of those things when purchasing a stand. 

Apple Pencil

The last piece of the puzzle for creating the perfect stationery iPad station is the addition of the Apple Pencil. Steve Jobs was famously anti-stylus; however, Apple has moved on from this and recently revealed its first stylus in a while in the Apple Pencil.

This Pencil can make your life much easier, especially if you use your iPad for artistic purposes such as design, drawing, and even signatures. 

It allows the user to write on the iPad just as you would a paper. Its lightweight design also makes it viable on the go, which is why it is the perfect middle ground for bridging the gap between the stationary setup and the mobile setup. It works perfectly for both, so grab yourself a Pencil and add it to your EDC.

Mobile iPad Station Tips and Tricks

A mobile setup for your iPad is also an important addition to your expanded EDC. Whether you need to work in a coffee shop, on a plane, or at a desk that is not yours, having a mobile setup will help you keep the spirit of the original plan for the iPad. The iPad allows users to have a strong computing device that they can take anywhere. 

The Keyboard 2.0 and Mouse 2.0

Once again, thinking about a keyboard is necessary if you plan on typing a good amount on the go. The Apple Magic Keyboard can be good for this, as it is pretty compact and capable. Some wish to use the folio or attachable keyboard, so they can carry them more easily.

Once again, this depends on use and what you feel most comfortable with, but a keyboard is essential no matter which type you choose.

This goes for a pointing device as well. The Magic Trackpad 2 is a great choice for this. It is one of the more compact pointing devices and will work perfectly no matter the situation. 

The Stand

Another consideration with this one as well could be the stand. Not many people have this as a major part of their mobile iPad setup, but it could be beneficial if you find one that is mobile enough and does not take up too much space. This is up to you and your lifestyle’s needs.

The Case

A piece that we would strongly recommend for the mobile iPad workstation is a case. We would truly recommend this for any workstation regardless of its mobility, but it is especially important on the go.

Americans break electronic screens at an alarming rate, yet a low percentage would own up to having done it consistently. On top of this, repair costs seem to be far from our minds. In this case, having a case is essential. 

At Andar, we recommend our Mav as it is one of the best at preventing the inevitable drop from being detrimental to the continuity of your screen. Made from full-grain, oil-waxed leather with our beautiful, rich craftsmanship on full display, you are not going to sacrifice the look of your iPad either. The microfiber lining protects the fragile glass while offering world-class style. Plus, if you’re in need of a stand, this case can serve as a sturdy and reliable stand. 

With a few of these devices, your iPad will be safe and effective no matter how many different mobile stations you find yourself needing to set up throughout the day. Our cases keep it all safe and secure and even match some of our stylish leather bags as well.

All of which are made with high-quality, full-grain leather. This bag is lined with the softest microfiber and has a dedicated pocket for your tech. 

The iPad Revolutions Will Continue

As we have explored, the current OS and capabilities of the iPad are far beyond what Apple first thought when they came out with it back in 2007. Its enhanced compatibilities with keyboard and trackpads/mouses really make working at home or on the go much easier. This is even before they recently came out with its Sidecar feature. 

For creating your best workstation on the go, don’t forget a good iPad case, an Apple Pencil, or a proper keyboard on the go. With these few items, you will seriously beef up your workstation for your iPad so that you can increase your own productivity and protect your investments. It really is worth the work and price of upgrading. 



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