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6 Ways on How To Wear a Crossbody Bag

6 Ways on How To Wear a Crossbody Bag

At Andar, we love a high-quality crossbody bag. These bags are super portable and easy to carry. Plus, you can style them in a ton of different ways depending on your outfit or occasion.

These bags are as versatile as they are convenient, perfect for storing wallets, phones, and any other necessities. Depending on how you style them, they can be casual, professional, or even quite elegant for a night out. 

Let’s dive into the six ways to wear a crossbody bag:

1. Behind-the-Back for Your Commute

Crossbody bags are wonderful for adding a professional flair to your look. For people who commute to office workspaces or schools in collared shirts and blouses or other semi-formal clothes, a crossbody bag creates a slick, organized look. Plus, it won’t disrupt your professionally dry-cleaned suit jacket. 

This is especially true for a crossbody bag made of more elegant, sleek material, like the full-grain leather we work with at Andar. Leather bags have a real professional yet practical aesthetic, and best of all, they’re durable and reliable. 

Grab your crossbody bag, throw it around your shoulder, toss it back behind your elbow, and you’ve got a great style to complement your professional attire. Not to mention, you stay organized and prepared during your commute, and your look shows it. 

2. Wearing It as a Waist Bag: The Go-Getter 

The second way of wearing the crossbody bag is only possible if you have adjustable straps, but it pulls off a look that is essentially like a classy waist bag. Simply pull the strap around your waist and let the bag sit under your belly, facing forward. 

This trendy look has been getting more popular, especially in street-fashion scenes. It’s also one of the most practical ways to style the crossbody bag, giving you easy access to anything you might need. 

This style is a tourist favorite because it’s ideal for traveling, allowing you to keep track of all your valuables. Having a bag directly in front of you can add an essential sense of security, especially when traveling through parts of the world where pickpocketing is common.

3. Out Front and Casual: The Messenger 

Of course, one of the more common ways to wear the crossbody bag is directly in front. This form is much like a messenger bag, something you might see on a journalist or with a professor. It puts an emphasis on casual use.

Hang the strap around one arm, letting the bag sit between your arm and body, or center the strap across your chest for a more energetic style. Either way, the bag sits in front and to the side at about hip level. Match it to your spik-and-span phone case for an extra wow factor. 

Although relatively straightforward, this is one of the most popular styles for a reason. It’s an easy, versatile, yet casual look, well-suited for going out with friends or running errands. You can look classy and laidback while having quick access to anything you might need, like chargers, IDs, tickets, and so on. 

4. Hang Low and Loose for a Laid-Back Style 

Recently, it’s becoming trendier to wear your crossbody bags lower, more below the hip, with the strap adjusted loose. 

This kind of style is usually used to create a more laid-back, casual type of look. Those who love baggy clothing enjoy pairing these outfits with a low-hanging crossbody bag. 

The amazing thing about crossbody bags is that they are so versatile, working with a wide range of different outfits. Try complementing a loose-hanging crossbody bag with a tight power suit to make a dynamic outfit for a special occasion. Or go for a whimsical, literary style with a long coat to go with a loosely strapped bag covered in patches and pins. 

5. Hold the Strap in Your Hands

This style might seem fairly obvious: It’s just holding the bag in your hand by the strap. Sometimes, to pull off this look, people will fold the strap to grasp it securely. Either way, the effect is the same: the bag dangles from your hand freely, off to the side, but still accessorizes your outfit with a dignified flair.

This is actually an intentional style choice used by celebrities and models for photo shoots and red-carpet events. It adds a carefree look to your fashion, but with an elegant, high-society touch, especially with a darker full-grain leather bag like The Quinn.

Try this style out with an evening dress or a flowy, short skirt to accentuate a free-loving, fun, yet elevated essence. 

6. The Sporty Look: Tight and Up High

This look goes great with athleisure or whatever you happen to wear to the gym or when you’re out on a hike. Simply pull the strap tight, allowing your crossbody bag to sit just below the chest or on the ribs, pulled tight across you. 

Using this style is practical because it keeps the bag out of your way while still providing access to it should you need something. This makes it ideal for any kind of athletic activity you might be undertaking. 

At the same time, it creates a sporty look for all your favorite athletic attire. In fact, it works flawlessly as a street-fashion accessory if you’re someone who skates or rollerblades. Try wearing it across a T-shirt with baggy pants to complement or underneath an oversized Member’s Only jacket. PS: If you like this look, check out the Indie powered by full-grain leather exterior and an adjustable canvas strap and interior lining. 

A Bag With History… and a Future

As we’ve emphasized throughout this short guide, the crossbody bag is a remarkably versatile piece. It has been used and made for many things, from cross-country sporting to everyday errands to stylish red-carpet events.

Not to mention, it’s been made from many different kinds of materials and fabrics, from simple canvas to the high-quality, full-grain leather we have at Andar. 

Crossbody bags have been around and evolving, possibly for centuries, with some historians tracing them back to early 17th century England, where they were a favorite of messengers. From there, it became a smaller, classier piece stylistic for women in Europe. Fast forward to the 90s, and the US saw crossbody bags exploding into the hip-hop and skate fashion scenes.

It’s no secret that crossbody bags have been worn in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons, with more exciting new styles cropping up every day. We’re so glad to share just a few of those fashionable choices with you today! 

Rely on Andar for Durable, Stylish Leather Bags

If you’re in the market for a crossbody bag or maybe another kind of bag, look no further. At Andar, we are deeply passionate about creating the finest quality, full-grain leather bags you can get your hands on. Full-grain is one of the most durable grades of leather, worked into a beautiful sheen with that classic leather grain pattern that develops a one-of-a-kind patina.

One of our favorite crossbody bags, called The Quinn, is made from 100% premium, full-grain, oil-waxed leather. It comes in four colors, including jet black, a soft navy blue, and warmer browns like camel tan and timber. This bag is perfect for casual, professional, and even formal occasions.

Of course, as you already know, that’s all in how you style it. We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide! Check out our educational resources for more practical tips on how to express your style and take care of your accessories! 


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