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5 Ways on How To Use a Money Clip

5 Ways on How To Use a Money Clip

Having a money clip is an effortless, casual way to keep your money safe and organized. Meanwhile, you avoid the clunkiness of carrying around a big wallet, and you only bring the things you absolutely need. 

Money clips are also quite fashionable, taking up very little space in the pockets. When you pull out a sleek metal clip, or one of our classy, full-grain wallet + clip combo, it becomes an accessory that makes a statement.

This accessory just may end up being your go-to life hack. Let’s take a look at five ways to use a money clip:

1. A Professional, Elegant Clip for Business Cards

If you think about it, your business card is the first impression you make and what your client remembers you by after you’ve left. It’s safe to say that your card says a lot about you and can play a big part in how colleagues view you. 

It may seem like a minor detail, but usually, when it comes to business, that’s what people tend to notice. An elevated clip for your business cards is professional with an added style bonus. 

Bring some flash into your profession: You might be surprised how much it makes you stand out. In fact, studies have shown that in the era of social media, business cards remain a valuable networking tool that makes people remember you. With a subtle flair, you can make a memorable, sophisticated impression each time you take or give a business card out of a money clip. 

2. Easy, Accessible Cards and Cash

The money clip is a great organizational tool, especially when it comes to cards and cash: That’s why this is probably one of the most common uses for this product. 

You can organize your bills accordingly, fold them, and keep them neatly tucked in one place. Rather than sifting through a bulky wallet, all your bills are readily available. Money clips can come in handy for those fast-paced days or fun nights out. When tipping the bartender or the valet driver, you save time and make a big impression by not fumbling through a backpack for a five-dollar bill. 

Besides that, most money clip wallets come with pockets designed for credit cards and IDs. Separate from your cash, you’ll have fast access to whatever card you need. 

3. Money Clips Can Make Traveling Safer 

In the excitement of a new place, many tourists have made terrible mistakes with their wallets and cards, either leaving them in bars or being pickpocketed or scammed. It’s pretty common and can happen to anyone trying to explore and meet people in a new country.

Money clips give you a separate place to put your cash. Therefore, if you need cash, you only have to pull out the clip. Keep your credit cards and ID safely stashed somewhere else, possibly with your phone or in a bag, while still having the cash you need readily available. Store your travel identification in a dedicated Passport Holder

This goes for tourism, but also it’s valid for living in any city or town that can be unsafe. If someone takes your wallet, you’ve lost your ID, credit cards, and all your cash. Keeping your money separate can be a saving grace. 

4. Attach Your Money Clip To Your Phone

What do you think you’re more likely to forget: Your wallet or the device that you constantly reach for and look at throughout your day? Our phones have become such an essential part of our daily lives that many people opt to combine them with their wallets. 

If you know yourself to be forgetful, attaching a money clip to your phone may save you one less thing to remember. And if you carry a bag or a purse, you won’t have to search for your wallet. You’ll have everything in one place.

Some researchers have even said cash use is less common than ever, with more and more people using their phones for digital purchases or debit cards in stores. With less of a need for physical cards, a cash clip on your phone may be an idea that’s ahead of the curve. 

5. A Fashionable Accessory for Formal Occasions 

Sometimes, a super bulky wallet can turn into a nuisance when you’re wearing dress pants or tighter clothes. A thick wallet can stick out amongst the carefully tailored garments.

Instead, put your essentials on a money clip and bring that instead. The clip itself can be a bit of a fashion statement, especially when made from a fantastic material like leather.

Our personal favorites for all leather goods are full-grain leather, water-resistant cork, or cactus leather. We believe in protecting the valuables we carry, so we only work with the best materials. We also believe in expressing ourselves, which means style and artistry are part of the equation as well. 

It’s an elegant accessory you might pull out when ordering a drink, getting a taxi, or paying a vendor: A money clip can tie up an outfit in a way that will leave a lasting impression. 

A Convenient and Stylish Alternative

If any of these ideas appeal to you, look into getting your own money clip. We hope this guide has been useful to you in your search for stylish convenience!

It certainly is something we value at Andar, where we work with the finest quality, full-grain leather to ensure our products are as reliable as they are pieces of art. After the long crafting process, you are guaranteed a leather rich with fibers that create that smooth, grainy pattern. 

The Apollo: A Full Grain Leather Money Clip

One of our favorite upscale money clips, known as The Apollo, has all the convenience of a wallet but with the thin, stylish shape of a money clip. It fits neatly into your pocket while holding your cash and cards in separate pockets, with an added window for easy access to your ID.

Made from full-grain leather, our money clips keep your essentials safe, with many colors you can choose from, like navy blue, camel tan, jet black, and many in between. Our Apollo also comes in cactus leather as a vegan alternative. With strength and prestige, the Apollo is a product made proudly with wholesome material. 

Your Essentials in Good Hands

At Andar, we work to craft essential tools that you can carry trustfully throughout your day. All of our full-grain leather products, from our laptop cases and bags to our iPhone and AirPod cases to our iconic cord burritos, are made with profound attention to craft. 

And yes, if money clips aren’t your style, we have wallets too! Our wallets are made from the very same authentic, reliable full-grain leather.

We make products that feel real and wholesome, long-lasting, and fulfilling. We are invested in using materials that last through the elements without being easily degraded.

Did you find our guide useful? Whether you have a money clip, wallet, or purse, review how to keep your leather in tip-top shape. Stay tuned for more fashion tips, gift ideas, and leather-keeping advice — leatherworking is an ancient craft that we’re constantly refining. 


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