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The Easiest Way on How To Change an Apple Watch Band

The Easiest Way on How To Change an Apple Watch Band

A smartwatch is one of the most versatile accessories that a person can own. This multi-tool serves all the style and function of the watch, with added benefits only connectivity allows.

The watch measures heart rate and movement, much in the same way that fitness trackers do. Watches and wristwear have been popular for centuries, but today one in five Americans wear some sort of smart device.

These gadgets can keep you apprised of social media, use Apple Pay, track health and fitness, and more. However, just like regular watches, they can sometimes need a personal touch.

There are two main reasons why you might need to change your Apple watch band. The first reason is that, through simple wear and tear, your new watch needs a replacement. 

The second reason is that you’re looking for a watch band that truly speaks to your personal style. Rather than the usual built-in band, you want something that makes a unique statement. 

Whatever the reason for changing the wristband on your iOS device, Andar has you covered. Below, we’ve got a detailed FAQ on both how to change it and what to look for in your new band. From there. We’ll also go into a few Apple Watch bands that have us personally excited. 

How Long Does an Apple Watch Band Last?

The length of time a watch band lasts depends on a variety of factors. This period of time can be as short as six months or as long as five years or more. It all comes down to three attributes: The quality of the band, the material of the band, and the frequency with which you wear it. 


Quality speaks for itself. Higher quality materials of a given fabric should feel better, look better, and last longer. It makes the difference between a band that does its job and a band that truly goes the distance. In the lifespan of your wearables, that extra quality makes all the difference. 


The material also has a significant impact on your watch, directly impacting the style and purpose. Metal bands, like the stainless-steel Milanese Loop, are gorgeously chic but may be uncomfortable for use as a sport band. They may also expose the wearer to contact dermatitis if worn too tightly. 

Leather is one of the classic materials for both casual and formal watches. It’s a highly versatile material and, along with metal, one of the most durable. For care, all it takes is an occasional cleaning with a cloth. 

Some lighter materials, like nylon and canvas, are also frequently used. They are often quick-drying and are suitable for users who anticipate using their wristwear aquatically. They do, however, have a distinctly casual look. All these details make the material a point of personal choice. 

Frequency of Use

Frequency is another main quality that affects how quickly your watch band will wear out. Even if you have just two watch bands, or watches, that you alternate between, that still reduces use by half. In this way, your bands will, in theory, last twice as long compared to if they belong to your only wearable.

How To Choose Your Apple Watch Band

In order to identify the right watch band for you, you’ll first want to identify your watch. Every watch has a case size, which is the size of the main body of the watch. The watch case size of Apple Watch models varies depending on the specific type and generation. Current offerings range from 38mm to the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra. 

Usually, the band size is determined by the width between watch lugs, but Apple Watch bands use case size for simplicity. A given band is usually compatible with multiple case sizes, regardless of what generation the device belongs to. Once you know the size to look for, you can start looking for your new band. As it so happens, we have one we would like to highlight below.

Go for Full Grain Leather

Andar believes in creating everyday products that last and age well with everyday use. That’s why we choose leather as the material for our Apple Watch band. The piece, in two sizes, is retroactively compatible with everything from the Series 1 to the Series 8 and Ultra.

Full-grain leather, as the main material, serves to elevate quality, appearance, and longevity. Natural leather varies slightly in color and achieves a unique patina over time, growing to become a one-of-a-kind band.

The stainless steel hardware provides greater strength at the highest stress point of the band. To better personalize the piece to your taste and your watch case, the leather color and hardware color are customizable.

The best Apple Watch bands speak to your personal aesthetic and to an unmitigated drive for quality from the designer. They should help you perform your best in daily life and in workouts. 

How To Change Your Watchband

The actual act of changing your watch band is fairly simple. To change bands, first place your Apple watch face down on a clean, lint-free surface. Your clean surface should be soft, like a microfiber cloth, to avoid scratching its face. Microfiber, in particular, is excellent for cleaning and softness due to its high absorbency, gentle fibers, and high surface area.

When you place the watch face-down, you should see a pair of buttons on the sides perpendicular to the crown. These are the band release buttons. Use your finger to press one of these quick-release buttons, then slide your band horizontally to remove it. You may need to push the button down with your fingernail to press it adequately. 

If you have a link bracelet or similar band, there will be an additional button on the band to separate it into two. Otherwise, at this point, you are ready to change your band. Just as you did before, press the quick-release button, and slide your new band into position. It should “take hold” when ready, at which point you can slip on your new band. 

Once your band is changed, you will have to adjust it depending on the band type. Some, like the loop band, simply stretch to accommodate the size of your wrist. Others come in two separate parts, like traditional watch bands, and simply adjust to your comfort. Whatever the end result is, it’s easy to change bands to give your Apple Watch series product a new look.

Other Accessories for Apple Products

Long-term subscribers of Apple products know that where the brand shines is inter-device connectivity. To that end, all Apple Watch series devices connect easily with iPhones, iPads, and more. Because of this detail, Andar isn’t content to simply create full-grain natural leather and vegan cactus leather products.

We also provide leather cases for a wide range of products in a bid to provide long-lasting, everyday essentials. Here’s why: 

Important devices need protection. For this reason, virtually no watch is created without a case. The look of stainless steel, silver, or gold helps a watch look good on your wrist. 

That same protection by necessity should be extended to phones and more. There’s no reason, though, that aesthetic beauty should be sacrificed for practical durability. For more information on upgrading your daily essentials, Andar has plenty of articles to guide the way. Here, we cover goods as small as AirPods and as large as long-haul travel bags.


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