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How to Use MagSafe Wallet

how to use magsafe wallet

Understanding how to use MagSafe wallet unlocks a world of ease and efficiency, especially for those always on the go. These wallets, magnetic in nature, seamlessly integrate with your daily life, attaching to compatible iPhones in a snap.

Our journey in perfecting The Mag has led us to discover the nuances that make a MagSafe wallet not just an accessory, but a necessity for the minimalist and the tech-savvy. Here, we'll delve into the essentials of using a MagSafe wallet, ensuring you harness its full potential.

What this article covers:

What Is a MagSafe Wallet?

A MagSafe wallet, like The Mag, is a sleek, minimalist wallet designed to attach magnetically to compatible iPhones.

It's crafted from premium full grain leather, offering a snug and secure fit while developing a rich patina over time. From our experience, it's essential for those who appreciate both style and functionality.

How Does A MagSafe Wallet Work?

The magic of a MagSafe wallet lies in its built-in magnets. These magnets allow the wallet to easily attach to a compatible iPhone or MagSafe-compatible phone case. It's designed for quick attachment and detachment, providing swift access to your cards whenever you need them.

how does magsafe wallet work

If you’re wondering how to keep your wallet from falling out of your pocket, keeping your wallet attached to your phone is a great way to prevent this.

How to Use a MagSafe Wallet

Using a MagSafe wallet like The Mag is a blend of simplicity and sophistication. Here's a deeper dive into each step to ensure you're making the most of your MagSafe wallet experience:

Attaching The Wallet

When it comes to attaching "The Mag" to your iPhone, precision meets ease. Align the wallet with the back of your iPhone, ensuring that the magnets on both the wallet and the phone are perfectly lined up.

The wallet's magnets are designed to automatically align with those on your iPhone, creating a secure and stable connection. From our extensive testing, we've observed that the wallet attaches most securely when used directly on the iPhone or with a MagSafe-compatible case. 

This ensures a strong magnetic bond, reducing the risk of the wallet detaching unintentionally. It's important to note that using a non-MagSafe case or adding too many layers between the wallet and the phone can weaken the magnetic connection.

Accessing Your Cards

Retrieving your cards from The Mag is as effortless as its attachment. Gently pull the wallet away from your iPhone to detach it. This ease of detachment is by design, allowing quick and hassle-free access to your cards.

what does magsafe wallet do

Our wallet is tailored to hold 1-2 cards, ideal for those who prefer to travel light and keep only the most essential cards on hand. The snug fit ensures your cards are securely held in place, yet they remain easily accessible.

This balance between security and accessibility is a hallmark of The Mag, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

Organizing Your Cards For Optimal Use

An additional tip for maximizing the efficiency of your MagSafe wallet, like The Mag, is to strategically organize your cards. Given that "The Mag" is designed to hold 1-2 cards, selecting which cards to carry is crucial, much like with how to use a minimalist wallet.

Prioritize the cards you use most frequently, such as your primary credit card and your ID. This not only streamlines your wallet but also ensures you have quick access to these essential items.

When inserting the cards, place them with the magnetic stripe facing inward, towards the phone. 

This orientation helps in two ways: it protects the magnetic stripes from demagnetization due to the wallet's magnets, and it also makes it easier to slide out the card you need without having to remove the entire wallet from the phone.

how magsafe wallet works

After learning the basics of using a MagSafe wallet, we also recommend learning how to care for a leather wallet and how to soften a leather wallet so that you can keep your The Mag in tip-top shape.


The MagSafe wallet represents a significant leap in wallet design, blending the worlds of technology and convenience. Its magnetic attachment system offers a secure and seamless way to carry your essentials, directly on your iPhone.

The strategic organization of your cards within the wallet maximizes its functionality while maintaining a sleek profile.

Visit Andar today to discover how The Mag and our range of leather wallets can transform your everyday carry.

How to Use a MagSafe Wallet (FAQs)

Can a MagSafe wallet demagnetize credit cards?

The magnets used in MagSafe wallets are generally safe for credit cards. The magnetic field is strong enough to adhere to the phone but not strong enough to demagnetize the magnetic stripe on a credit card.

However, it's always a good practice to place your cards with the magnetic stripe facing away from the magnets as an extra precaution.

Does a MagSafe wallet interfere with wireless charging? 

The wallet attaches to the same spot as the wireless charger, so having the wallet in place can obstruct the charging process.

Simply detach the wallet, and you can charge your iPhone as usual. The convenience of the MagSafe system makes it easy to reattach the wallet once your phone is charged.

How many cards can The Mag hold without losing its grip?

The Mag is optimally designed to hold 1-2 cards. This capacity ensures a balance between functionality and maintaining a strong magnetic grip on your iPhone.

While it might be tempting to fit more, overstuffing can weaken the magnetic connection and increase the risk of the wallet detaching unintentionally.

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