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Work From Home Gadgets and Accessories To Outfit Your Home Office

Work From Home Gadgets and Accessories To Outfit Your Home Office

Office Spaces and Your Creative Flow

We’re built for relationships. Our relationship to ourselves, to each other, and to nature all matter and informs how we move and how we act. We’re better when we’re connected when we’re working together towards something good. A relationship that’s often forgotten is our relationship to space, to where we are and what we do in where we are. 

Depending on what city we find ourselves in, we may feel differently, motivated towards other ends than we might have been if we were in another place. As it turns out, we’re connected to the things around us, regardless if they’re human or not.

Where you work is no different. If you’re working hard on that new website you’re about to launch, the new clothing line you’re about to release, or the next marketing presentation for work, odds are you probably spend as much time in your office as you do at the dinner table, the living room, or your bedroom.

Because we’re so connected to what’s around us, even the smallest discrepancy or annoyance can throw us off balance and distract us from the creative flow we constantly need to return to in order to finish all the work ahead of us.

So, you’ve designed your sweet office space; you’ve hung up the art you love the most, buying your favorite chair for mobility so you can slide across the floor when work turns boring, and have your headphones always at hand to get lost in the music when you need to. What’s next? What could you possibly add to your home office to take it to the next level?

Home Office Gadgets Are a Must

We often forget that it’s the details that are the most important. Take, for instance, when you buy a new cell phone. It’s not simply the feeling of buying a new phone, but the fact that it comes charged and ready right out of the box that makes the experience feel so right. Likewise, it’s not simply all the great tech gear that makes your home office the right place to enter your creative flow, but all those small details which form more than the sum of their parts.

Easy Ways To Make Your Home Office Even More of a Home

Check out these ways to make your office feel way homier. 

The Cord Burrito

As you pull your headphones out of your pocket, as you grab your phone charger from your backpack, as you pull your laptop charger out from under your desk in a rush to hit the next meeting, each cord tangles an innumerable number of ways, each a more complex labyrinth than the next. At this point, you wonder why chords were invented in the first place. Isn’t there an easier way? 

Why couldn’t we have started out cordless? Why isn’t everything Bluetooth now? We’ve been there, too, which is why we designed the Andar Cord Burrito Combo. With burritos (unless they’re made poorly), each ingredient fits perfectly inside, making burritos possibly the best food invention in the history of foods. 

Similarly, our Cord Burritos are designed to keep your cords in perfect order, preventing them from collapsing into an impenetrable tangle, instead of allowing you fluid access to whatever cord you need whenever you need it.

Not only do our Cord Burritos provide utility, but they’re also fit in any and every environment and any aesthetic. We’ve designed our Cord Burritos with the same core commitments we have with everything we make at Andar: minimalism, elegance, and durability.

 We make our Cord Burritos with the finest full-grain leather, the highest-quality alternative to “genuine” leather, which is a concoction of different types of leather carelessly stitched together. Our premium full-grain vintage leather ages with a rich patina, evoking its internal character the more it’s carried and used. Andar means “to carry” in Spanish, and we want each of our products to brave the wear of everyday carrying.

The Capsule

With Apple AirPods on the rise, everyone’s pockets now have a little less room in them. In our jeans, there’s now a small white square that provides a snug home for our headphones. Regrettably, the case is built for ease and not for protection. It’s easy for the top to fall open, get scratched up, and – should the worst happen – allow water to get inside and risk the possibility of ruining our headphones. 

We wanted to remedy this, so we’ve designed The Capsule, a protective leather case that surrounds your AirPods in durable plastic and the rich covering of oil waxed full-grain leather, the same leather they’ve historically outfitted military gear with to defend against the elements. With these full-grain leather AirPod cases, your headphones are secured in a 360-degree barrier against the dangers of gravel and water. 

We’ve also designed full-grain Nappa leather cases to add an incomparably soft and luxurious experience. As always, these leathers age with a rich and developed patina, encouraging you to use them every day.

The Watch Band

Although this option isn’t strictly a gadget for your home office, we intended this watch band to be used everywhere including your home office, perhaps where it’s needed most. Apple Watches exemplify the advantages of living in a technically sophisticated age. Not only are missives a relic of another age, almost an archaism, now you don’t even need to reach into your pocket to access your texts, emails, and calls. 

They’re available right on your wrist whenever you need them. Our timepieces have become tablets and lost none of the luxuries. What makes an Apple Watch a piece of style is a touch of complexity from a forgotten age.

While we retain all of the technical advantages of the Apple Watch, we committed to transforming a piece of tech into a luxury timepiece with our full-grain oil waxed Watch Bands. We believe that you are your own and with the complexity of aged leather, it becomes its own along with you, forming its own individuality beside you. 

We couldn’t think of anything better to complement the heritage of oil-waxed full-grain leather than stainless steel hardware. Each buckle resists corrosion and provides grade 316 strength, making this watch band a series of its own. Like everything at Andar, these watch bands are an incarnation of our dedication to resilience and beauty. We settle for nothing less.

The Mav: Our iPad Case

So you’ve outfitted yourself with the Cord Burrito for all of your different chargers, you’ve secured the Capsule to protect your AirPods and let everyone know you have a knack for elegance, and you’ve added the Watch Band to your collection, publicizing your individuality. 

What’s next? The Mav adds a touch of smooth, rich leather, to your iPad Pro or iPad Air. Made from the same premium full-grain oil waxed leather that has continued to demonstrate its rugged quality and unique durability, The Mav is lined with soft microfiber to protect your screen and defend it from the inevitable accidental scratches that plague every iPad owner. 

We specially designed cutouts for easy access to every port, button, speakers, and camera, and, furthermore, added a magnetic cover with hidden closure that allows your iPad to sleep when closed and wake up when it’s opened (not for the iPad air). 

Should you have an Apple Pencil, there’s a convenient attaching and detaching apparatus, allowing for easy access. With no unnecessary strap, we’ve ridden the case from any bulk and made it extremely slim and easy to carry. As you travel from your home office to your meetings, the Mav comes with you, protecting your iPad and identifying your class.

The Helm: Our Leather MacBook Covering

Could there possibly be anything left? Why yes, of course. Our laptops are the center of our office work, providing a touchpoint to the digital world where we can access everything we need to run our businesses, compose our music, and research for our papers and our projects. If anything needs further protection, it’s our computers. They’re the most important and the most endangered of our technical utilities. This is why we created the Helm, a tailored leather covering for your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. 

We took The Mav’s slim and elegant design and applied it to the MacBook. With a burnished and robust finish, the smooth oil waxed full-grain leather covering snaps onto your MacBook with ease and continues to protect your laptop with an extra lining of microfiber on the inside. 

With four different colors, the Helm is outfitted for 13-inch MacBook Pros from 2016-2020, 15-inch MacBook Pros from 2016-2019, 16-inch MacBook Pros for 2019 models, and 13-inch MacBook Airs from 2018-2020. 

The Chase: Our Premium Laptop Case

The only pairing for the Helm is the Chase, our full-grain oil waxed leather laptop case. Many laptop cases are made from lesser quality leathers, rendering them easily malleable and susceptible to the wear that hard work requires. Likewise, their leathers usually possess a poorer patina, sacrificing the natural beauty that time evokes in leather. 

Our Chase laptop case is nothing but the integration of style and endurance. We wanted you to look at our laptop cases and think about permanence

Compounding the premium full-grain leather, we added soft microfiber lining for protection and designed our dual-leather color palleted to complement the leather’s natural patina while separating it from other options on the market. Since we only use authentic natural leather, the color and texture of each case vary slightly, emphasizing your individuality and commitment to being who you are. Premium leather for the premium owner.

An Addition: The Leather Cream

To care for your leather products well, we suggest our Leather Cream. Our specially designed leather cream constituted from all-natural ingredients including triple-filtered beeswax, blended seed oils, and naturally occurring lipids is imperative for maintaining your Andar leather products in pristine condition. We worked hard to design a leather cream that restores, waterproofs and protects your leather.

As each of our products leaves our warehouse, we apply our leather cream first to make sure each leaves in the best condition it can and won’t change despite what may come. Continuing to apply our wax to your Andar products carries on this heritage of durability and resilience.

Decking Out Your Home Office

Curating your home office space is requisite for entering your creative flow and achieving everything you want to do in a day, whether it’s graphic design or the managing of a hedge fund. Everything in our offices engages in an interplay with us that will either catalyze our creativity or distract us from everything we need to attend to. Here, it’s important to recognize all the details that comprise a flourishing office experience.


Enhancing your tech gadgets with a touch of style while continually protecting them when your office becomes portable is a must for the creative and the entrepreneur. And with each of these accessories, we like to think that any office you find yourself in will be a little more like home.



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