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Where to Keep Your Wallet

where to keep your wallet

When figuring out where to keep your wallet, the age-old debate of opting for the front or back pocket often arises. This choice isn't just about comfort or style, but also about security and health.

Overall, it's safer to keep your wallet in your front pocket. Based on our first-hand experience, it's more comfortable to walk or sit with your wallet in this location.

Carrying your wallet in your back pocket can potentially cause a number of adverse effects such as spinal misalignment, discomfort and back pain.

Additionally, it's more difficult for thieves to access your wallet from the front as opposed to the back.

In this guide, we at Andar will explore the pros and cons of keeping your wallet in your front and back pockets and why the front pocket is the better choice overall.

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Front vs. Back Pocket: Where Should You Carry Your Wallet?

If you like carrying your wallet in your clothing, we recommend the front pocket. Unlike the back pocket, it's harder for thieves and robbers to get access to your wallet from the front.

Table: Pros And Cons Of Carrying Wallet In Front And Back Pocket

Pocket Position



Back Pocket

Traditional and common choice, particularly for men

Easier to access

More prone to falling out

Higher risk of theft

Can cause back pain and misalignment

Front Pocket

Lower risk of theft

Less strain on the body

More comfortable while sitting

Limited space, especially in tight clothing

May affect the outline of tight-fitting pants

Pros and Cons Of The Back Pocket

Carrying a wallet in the back pocket is a traditional choice and deeply ingrained in men's fashion and habits in particular.

However, keeping your wallet at the back is a prime target for pickpockets. Additionally, our research indicates that prolonged sitting on a wallet can lead to back pain and spinal misalignment.

Luckily for you, wallets like The Scout are built with a sleek and function design that still allows you to carry it in your back pocket if that's your preference.

Pros and Cons Of The Front Pocket

Drawing from our experience, the front pocket significantly reduces the risk of theft, making it a more secure option. It also alleviates the risk of back pain associated with sitting on a wallet.

This does have limitations in terms of space though, especially in tighter clothing. This is particularly true for those who prefer slim-fit pants, as the wallet may disrupt the pant's outline.

With that said, our Andar leather wallets go above and beyond with their slim fit, even on the tightest clothing. They're also a practical option, giving you quick access to your money and cards whenever you need or want them.

This is especially true for The Pilot. Not only is it easier to retrieve it from your front pocket, but you also won't waste time looking for your cash with its trusted leather strap to hold bills in place.

Overall, we recommend carrying your wallet in your front pocket ahead of the back in terms of your personal safety and your physical health.

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The Best Place to Put Your Wallet

Keep It In Your Front Pocket

Our findings show that the front pocket is increasingly recognized as the optimal place to carry your wallet.

Aside from reducing theft, this practice also minimizes the risk of physical discomfort and alignment issues with your overall posture.

At Andar, we've taken these factors into account when designing wallets like The Apollo. It's a slim and sleek front pocket wallet that gives you quick access to your valuables whenever you need them.

Additionally, it significantly reduces the risk of digital theft with its state-of-the-art RFID blocker.

Put It In A Purse Or Pack

Another secure and practical option is to carry your wallet in a purse or pack. This method is particularly suitable for those who prefer not to carry items in their pockets or need additional space for other essentials.

Our Andar wallets are designed to be versatile, easily fitting into our laptop carry bags or travel bags like The Outpost North Collection without adding unnecessary bulk.

Moreover, our investigation demonstrated that decluttering your wallet makes it easier to fit inside a purse or pack without taking up too much space.

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Throughout this article, we've explored the best practices for where to keep your wallet.

We've learned that the front pocket offers a blend of security and comfort, significantly reducing the risks associated with carrying things at the back.

At Andar, our range of slim, stylish leather wallets is designed with these considerations in mind, ensuring that your belongings are safe and your comfort is paramount.

If you're wondering where to buy leather wallets that fit perfectly in your front pocket, we have something that will meet your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Andar's leather wallets now and experience the perfect blend of style, security, and functionality in your everyday carry with us.

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