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How To Choose the Perfect Leather Anniversary Gifts

How To Choose the Perfect Leather Anniversary Gifts

Let’s face it; anniversaries can be a stressful time. How often have you spent weeks overthinking the perfect gift idea for your partner? We’ve all been there. We want our partners to love what we give them. To show them we put in the effort to give them something worthwhile.

At Andar, we’re here to help, and with our full-grain leather products, stressing over the right gift is never an issue. That’s why we’ve put together the all-encompassing guide for the perfect gift to celebrate any anniversary. 

The Tradition of Anniversaries

Anniversaries have a lot of traditions as well. Maybe you like to celebrate every year with a night out on the town, dinner and a movie perhaps? Or maybe you take a trip out of state for a little weekend getaway. But a tried and true tradition of any anniversary is always the gifts.

And if you’re married, every anniversary comes with a theme, which is a practice that dates back to medieval times. There are traditional themes and modern themes. Luckily for us here at Andar, both the traditional and modern themes include our favorite, leather!

People have been making leather products for more than 7,000 years. These days we have machines and modern practices to help us achieve the highest quality. But back then, the process could take days. The leather had to be dried in the sun and even salted and smoked to preserve the quality.

Let’s focus on the traditional themes for now. Every year, it’s encouraged to give a gift based on textiles or natural metals.

For example:

  • Year One is paper. If your partner loves movies, we might suggest getting them a framed movie poster of the movie the two of you saw on your first date.
  • Year Two is cotton, so we might suggest getting a custom throw blanket to use while drinking hot chocolate on a rainy day.
  • Year Three is the best year, though, because, you guessed it, leather! 

Leather: A Quick Look

It’s important to know which kind of leather you’re buying to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product. When looking for a leather anniversary gift steeped in tradition, full-grain leather is a material that speaks the very essence of tradition. 

Just like your love, leather is unique. As a natural element, every leather product is one-of-a-kind. And that’s not even mentioning the unique aesthetics of the individual patina.

Patina is a soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather through handling and exposure, giving our products beautiful character and personality over time. Leather is in it for the long haul, just like you and your partner! 

Even though Year Three is marked by leather, there’s no shame in giving leather in any year.

Let’s dive into some of the best leather products for the perfect anniversary gift:

Who Are They?

Even if you’ve known your partner for years, some people are just tricky to shop for!  But even if you don’t know just yet, if the relationship is still new, these products are still winners for your big annual day.

Next up are some break-downs that might help you whittle down the overwhelming amount of choices.

Gifts for the Ultimate Everyday Carry

There are usually three essentials you take with you when you leave the house. Every time you and your partner walk out the door, do you find yourself asking, “Phone, keys, wallet?”

Everyone knows that feeling of a small heart attack when they leave the house and realize they’ve forgotten one of those items. Our point is, having a wallet is a must in most cases. You need the perfect place to store your most valuable cards and cash on the go.

If your partner cares about the perfect EDC, then consider a wallet:

The Classic Essential

You’ve probably heard this phrase a lot, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s exactly how we feel about our bi-fold wallet, The Diplomat. If your partner is a classic type, they’ll love this wallet.

Made of full-grain leather, this wallet has seven card slots, a window ID slot, and plenty of space for all types of bill sizes. Whether you’re reaching for a credit card for that fancy anniversary dinner or giving a tip to the delivery driver, everything stays safe and secure in The Diplomat.

To Lighten the Load

You might be thinking, but my partner isn’t the wallet type; they don’t like the space it takes up in their pocket. There is a gift for that person too.

Eliminate the space of a wallet altogether using our cardholder, The Mag. The Mag has a much slimmer design, with built-in magnets that attach to your phone for easy access and less bulk. The Mag can fit two of your most valued cards with ease, making for one less thing to grab before a night out.

The Perfect Combo

Okay, maybe your loved one is a little pickier. They don’t like the bulk that comes with having a lot of cards. They’re more of a cold hard cash kind of person. In that case, we suggest going with one of our full-grain leather money clips.

Minimize the way you carry cash with The Baron. The uniquely crafted clip spring will keep your cash secure, and it even has the option to fit up to 10 cards, just in case your picky partner wants to switch it up. It’s the best of both worlds.

Gifts for the Traveler

If your partner is always on the go, whether it’s traveling for business or pleasure, they’re going to need a durable bag that can handle the stress of being tossed around. 

Gifts That Come in Clutch

Let’s start with something light, we call it, The Stevie.

The Stevie is perfect for when you have a few too many things for a wallet but not enough to fill a full-sized bag, like a duffle or a backpack. The Stevie comes with interior card slots, a zippered pouch, and a perfect spot for your phone and keys.

But what keeps your precious items secure and safe is the awesome magnetic clasp and wrist lanyard, completing the sophisticated look.

You’ve Got This in the Bag

But your partner might need something a little bigger, for that, we have the perfect travel companion, The Addison. This backpack is perfect as a carry-on for the plane, or even if you’re zipping over to different meetings around the city.

This bag has an incredibly soft microfiber inside lining and plenty of varied pockets for storing files or even your laptop. And with durable brass hardware, you’ll not only look great, but you’ll feel great about your items being secured in place. The Addison even comes in two distinct colors to fit your partner’s style just right.

Gifts for the Techie

Your partner might be obsessed with technology. They always have the latest phone, computer, or tablet. To them, being tech-savvy comes naturally, and they love the convenience it might bring to their daily life. If these items are important to your partner, then we know they’d like them as protected as possible.

Protect Your Love’s (Laptop)

That’s where we come in. It’s imperative to protect your laptop from getting scratched by other items in your bag or even by your cat, who likes to cuddle up on top. Our full-grain leather computer case, The Helm, is the perfect solution. With microfiber lining, cutouts for easy port access, the ability to fit a variety of sizes, and its smooth oil waxed finish; we might dare to say it’s the perfect gift!

”Call” This the One

The Fitz is one of our many full-grain leather phone cases. Designed specifically for iPhones, the minimalist design keeps your pocket from feeling bogged down by hard plastics while still keeping your phone safe. It even comes with convenient card slots for quick and easy access. 

Gifts for the Accessorizer

Your partner may have a keen eye for detail. They sweat the small stuff, which isn’t always a bad thing, especially when they look as good as they do.

Brighten their anniversary with an attractive Watch Band. After having this around their wrist, they likely won’t want to change out this classic look for a while. Made to fit every Apple watch, this sophisticated band comes in three different colors to match every outfit.

If your partner has various cords floating around in their bag, tangled and unsure of what it’s even for, we suggest getting them the aptly named Cord Burrito.

This fun little piece of soft full-grain leather keeps the cords in your partner’s life organized and looking clean and helps avoid a tangled nightmare. The Cord Burrito even comes in a variety of flavors, er, we mean colors, to fit your partner’s aesthetic.

The All-In-One Present

Your partner means so much to you really want to make sure that you bring them the perfect gift, wrapped in style on the anniversary of the magical day you met. 

We really hope this helped eased some of the stress of gift-giving. Remember that no perfect gift is complete without writing a heartfelt card. No matter what you give, if you give it with love and care, it will always be appreciated. 



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