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How To Take Off AirPods Case the Easiest Way

How To Take Off AirPods Case the Easiest Way

There are so many products that remind us how technology has evolved in many exciting ways. AirPods are a great example of this, with Apple developing their classic earbuds to be wireless with Bluetooth functionality, including a wireless charging case as well. 

As our technology becomes sleeker and smaller, we need to find new ways to carry and protect it. That’s why at Andar, we introduced our full-grain leather AirPods case.

We all care about the products we value most in our daily lives. So with that in mind, we’ve prepared this guide for you on how to take off your AirPods case the easiest way without damaging your precious technology or the fine-quality leather that protects it. 

Safely Removing Our Full Grain Leather Airpods Case

Our full-grain leather AirPods case is durable, reliable, and strong. With all that quality, you’ll want to preserve the beauty of your charging case, keeping it fresh for years to come. It’s essential to know how to remove leather cases without damaging either the material or the technology within.

This is why we wanted to share with you a short tutorial on how to take your leather case off in the easiest, safest way possible: 

  1. If you need to remove your full-grain leather AirPods case, the first thing you’ll need to locate is a lightning cable. This would be your typical charging cable for your Apple AirPods. If it looks familiar, there's a good reason! It’s the same cable for the iPad, iPhone, or what have you — USB-C
  1. You’ll notice the charging port available through the bottom hole of your leather case. Push your lightning cable into the charging port. 
  1. Next, you’ll want to hold onto that thick plastic part of the charging cable and gently push it up while gripping the leather case in your fingers. Soon, you’ll be sliding the AirPods’ charging case out of the leather. 
  1. Now you’ve removed the bottom half of the leather case. It should be easier now to remove the top half (the “cap” of the case) by gently and carefully peeling it off with your finger.

Follow these steps carefully, and you will be slipping your leather charging case off with ease. 

Protips: Handle Your Lightning Cable and Leather Case With Care 

Avoid excessively bending your lightning cable while following these steps: This can damage the USB-C wire or degrade it over time. You can also damage the charging port by pushing the lightning cable too hard, so be sure to push it gently when you click it in. 

This is true for any charging cable. Be it Samsung, Android, or Apple: careful care is the best care. This is even true for the newer iPhone 13s or iPhone 14s — even the best phones in the game need to be treated with caution — that’s why phone cases are a must. 

Although our full-grain material is remarkably durable, it’s best for the beauty of the leather to avoid excessively bending or scratching it. If, over time, you manage to damage or tear your leather, check out our article on repairing leather to renew that sleek shine. 

We hope this tutorial has helped you to easily and safely remove your leather case. Our material is chosen and crafted with beauty and safety hand-in-hand. 

Things That Can Damage Your AirPods

With countless products, from the iPad, to the iPhone, the Apple Watch, and even more, Apple has been known for its innovation in creating convenient technology. However, as some products develop, they also can become more fragile and precious. 

One small caveat of having wireless earbuds like the Apple AirPods is that they’re so small. It can be easy to misplace or damage the earbuds, the charging case, or even the charger itself.

As the AirPods Pro, along with their charging case, became part of our daily lives and commutes, there’s been a number of common dangers:

Lost Tech

  • People always find AirPods on public transportation. Look at your subway seat, taxi seat, or wherever you were to ensure that nothing slipped out of your pockets or bag.

Always store your earbuds away in their proper case to avoid losing them. If you are prone to losing things, you might be a good candidate for Apple’s AirTags. Since AirTags can’t exactly attach to your headphones, the Find My App will be your best friend. 

Exposure to the Elements

  • AirPods can sometimes collect an excess of grease or oil from contact with the skin. Try cleaning them out with a dry cloth, Q-tip, or slightly damp microfiber cloth. 
  • Avoid contact with damp spaces. Be mindful of your AirPods on rainy days. A reliable bag or case may be necessary to protect your technology from water. 
  • Store your AirPods away from liquids, as well as heavy or sharp materials. There’s no telling what damage might be done if your AirPods are lost in a bag or purse full of gizmos and gadgets.

Try to find a small pocket to store your AirPods in, or clip them to your belt or keychain. Andar’s leather AirPods case is equipped with a clip for this very reason. 

The last thing anyone wants is to have to get new AirPods, especially without a warranty. With such tiny, valuable gadgets, we have to remain vigilant in our protection. 

Protecting Your AirPods with Full-Grain Leather

You can trust full-grain leather, some of the highest-quality leather available, to protect your AirPods from the ups and downs of the seasons and all the daily dust and grime. Full-grain leather is one of the oldest, most reliable materials available, coming from the toughest, most durable layers of hide. 

When it comes to carrying the things we care about, Andar takes that responsibility seriously. We believe in using only the finest materials to protect our technology, tools, and other essentials. We rely on full-grain leather for many of our products, from our wallets to our purses and laptop cases.

Made by Andar: The Capsule

Of course, our leather AirPods case is no different: 

Known as the Capsule, this AirPods case is made from real, full-grain, oil-waxed leather. The leather is crafted into a sleek exterior that highlights the fine patterns of the leather grains. 

It’s available for many Apple AirPods models, including the AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2 models, in many colors like navy blue, jet black, camel tan, and more. When it comes to bigger noise-cancellation headphones like the AirPods Max/Pro Max, a case is important, but so is a well-lined backpack. 

All Your Favorite Apple Products Covered by Andar

We hope this short guide has helped you learn how to slip your new AirPods case off, as well as take care of both your tech and your leather. It feels good to have a stylish case that not only protects your everyday tools but looks elegant and high-class while doing it. 

At Andar, we care deeply about the things we carry, which is why we have full-grain leather cases available for all of your tech needs.

Our laptop cases are perfect for carrying your Mac supplies while making your Macbook Pro look classy at the same time. Aside from your screen protector, our iPad and iPhone cases will keep your technology secure, with extra pockets for small wallets, cards, or cash. 

And if you’re a Samsung or Android user, we still have a wealth of leather bags to keep your tech dry and safe! As well as our classic cord burrito to keep those charger cables secure. You can trust Andar for an authentic, reliable leather case! 


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