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How to Build Your Everyday Carry

How to Build Your Everyday Carry

"Luck favors the prepared." -Louis Pasteur

Building your Everyday Carry (EDC) is the best way to be prepared for your day's events.  Depending on your job, needs, and interests, your everyday carry may look completely different from someone else’s. From the basics to the niche items, we'll show you how to build your EDC. Then, regardless of what your EDC looks like, you'll know you're ready to handle any task that comes your way.

The Basics

With the trend of photographing EDC essentials, it’s easier than ever to visualize what you could include in your everyday carry. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s always a good idea to look at the basics that are included in every type of EDC. The main point to remember is that you’ll want to be prepared for your individual circumstances. 

First, you’ll want a wallet to carry your cards and cash (and hey, we’ve got you covered in that department). You’ll also want to think about your preference for material—whether that’s leather, elastic, carbon fiber, or metal. Materials that offer RFID protection are also something to keep in mind. Since you'll be EDC'ing everywhere, it's preferable to keep it comfortable and slim. This concept should also frame the rest of your EDC: keep it minimal so you can keep it all the time.

Next, you might want a sort of keychain or key organizer. The specific product you’ll want may vary—you might need a lanyard to keep your hands free, or you might want a key organizer to reduce jingling, or you might want both. Just keep in mind what you'll need on a daily basis so you're not over-encumbered. 

Last, you’ll want something to jot down everything from to-do lists to goals to sketches. You might decide that your phone is sufficient for this. If so, Notability for iPhone is a great app to help you out (download it here). If you need a more hands-on approach, a small pen & notebook is the way to go. Make sure that whatever you carry in this category, it can withstand your everyday activities. If you’re frequently outdoors, a waterproof notebook is a good idea.

The Specifics

Once you’ve established your base EDC, you’ll want to go into the specifics. The things you'll need on a daily basis vary between careers. For example, a student's EDC might consist of notebooks, a nice pen, and a watch. A doctor might carry a stethoscope and medical-grade first-aid kit.

Some of the most popular EDC items involve knives, pocket tools, and watches. More niche types of EDC can include guns, multi-tools, flashlights, and flasks. This is the part where your EDC becomes individualized: the same person who carries a waterproof notebook would probably want a carabiner and flashlight, while a more urban everyday carrier might go for a watch and glasses. Whatever the job at hand, don’t forget to keep it functional and realistic (you can't be carrying several pounds of gear everywhere).

Carrying Your EDC

No matter your EDC needs, you’ll want to keep it minimal and organized so that your EDC consists of everything you need to be prepared. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry—we’ll show you how to minimize your everyday carry here and how to organize it here. Once you’ve done that, remember to keep it functional so all your EDC items have a place. Taking an organized and customized approach to your EDC will make for clean photos and a simple & prepared lifestyle.

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