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Did You Know? 5 Reasons to Slim Your Wallet

Did You Know? 5 Reasons to Slim Your Wallet

Trading the fat wallet in for a slim one isn’t just a fashion trend—there are several proven benefits to having an organized, minimal wallet. Sure, it might seem easier to hold on to the wallet you already have with all its many contents, but we’ve got a list of little-known facts about the benefits of slimming down that just might convince you to ditch the dad wallet. 

1. Did You Know: Fat Wallets = Back Problems

Any chiropractor will tell you that fat wallets cause back problems. If you carry around a big wallet in your back pocket, you likely spend at least a few hours every day sitting on that wallet. The bigger your wallet, the more displaced your hips become while you sit, and the more your back, neck, and shoulders have to compensate. Over time, this can cause a slew of issues. Basically, those wads of cash you carry around are just going to be handed over to your chiropractor instead of stashed safely in your bank account. You won’t have to deal with this if you’ve got a slim wallet.

2. Did You Know: You’re Less Likely to be Pickpocketed

Speaking of wallets in back pockets, did you know that it’s much safer to keep your wallet in your front pocket? The risk of your wallet being stolen increases greatly when it’s in your back pocket. It’s a lot more difficult to keep a fat wallet in your front pocket, so by slimming it down, you’re decreasing that risk. Additionally, a slimmer wallet tends to mean less cash, which you can’t just cancel and replace the way you would with a credit or debit card if your wallet were stolen. (And for those concerned about being digitally pickpocketed, there are a host of slim wallets available with built-in RFID protection.) 

3. Did You Know: The Nature of Leather Favors Small Wallets

While there are a variety of wallet materials out there, leather continues to be one of the most favored for its durability and supple texture. Many people don’t realize, however, that a leather wallet will stretch according to what it holds, and it's difficult to get it back to its original shape. So, an overstuffed wallet will generally stay that way—your fat wallet might shrink to a medium wallet at best. In contrast, you’ll never have to worry about a wallet being too big for its contents if you never overfilled it to begin with.

4. Did You Know: Decreased Clutter = Improved Happiness

A fat wallet inevitably means disorganized clutter—you’re guaranteed to be carrying things you don’t need, whether that’s old receipts, a wad of cash that could be in your bank account, or even photos that could be saved on your phone. In contrast, a slim wallet means you’re only carrying what you need and everything has its place. Studies have shown that decreasing clutter in your life results in improved happiness. While you might not think a wallet would have much to do with that, it’s actually the best place to start; it’s small, easy to organize, and is used every day. Check out our step-by-step guide on minimizing your wallet’s contents and see how much happier it makes you.

5. Did You Know: You’ll Save Money

You hear it everywhere: time is money, and if you’re not saving time, you’re losing money. While you may not save hours upon hours, you’ll spend less time rummaging through your wallet when you have a minimal, organized system. Additionally, you’ll appear more prepared and organized to everyone around you—including your coworkers and superiors at your job. And aside from the relationship between time and money, a slimmer wallet means you’re carrying less. This almost always means you’re not carrying around store-specific credit cards, so you won’t be tempted to spend money where it’s not necessary. For all these reasons, if you need to purchase a minimal wallet to help or encourage you to slim down, it will be an investment rather than a luxury purchase.

It’s Time to Slim Down

Whether you have a fat or slim wallet is probably something you really don’t spend much time thinking about. But at the end of the day, trading out your dad wallet for a sleek, minimal wallet will improve your health (both physical and mental), increase your safety, and save you time and money. If you were looking for a way to enhance any of those aspects of your life, consider this your wake-up call: drop the fat wallet and grab yourself a slim wallet now.