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AirPods Accessories For 2021 You Should Check Out Now

AirPods Accessories For 2021 You Should Check Out Now

There are some inventions and innovations that spur further inventions and interventions. These are sometimes thought of like dominos. One thing is invented, and to help make that invention more adaptable, accessible, or just in any way better, many other inventions come shortly after. 

To understand this, we can look simply at the automobile. Though Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, we can say he popularized it. From there, think of the whole industry blooming into the behemoth that it is today. Not only do you have many car manufacturers making their own versions of vehicles, but you also have companies dedicated to improving even the smallest parts of the automobiles such as the stereos, the wheels, the leather interiors, the door hinges, etc. 

Just like the automobile, the businesses of electronics and computers have started many domino effects beyond just improvements to their UI (user interface) and products in general. Our whole modern world is, in fact, a domino effect resulting from humanity in its pre-internet existence colliding head-on with the internet. 

Fortunately, we will only look at some domino effects on the side of the products, not the impact it's had on our public consciousness. Here, we will look at a few essential AirPod accessories that you should look into for 2021 and beyond. By studying these accessories, you can build upon the already interesting and important product of the Apple AirPods and make your experience with them even better. Who knows? You might even set some fashion trends. 

Why Accessories Are 100% Necessary

Perhaps a small word on why accessories are necessary would be helpful for understanding the purpose of this article. Apple used to pour into the idea that their computers and devices were able to be an open loop. An open loop at the time meant that they could communicate with other computers even if they were not Apple products. This was revolutionary as it allowed the domino effect that we see today. 

In 1987, when this idea was first introduced, Steve Jobs was almost laughed out of his industry. However, now people would never buy anything that could not be compatible with almost any other device or software that they have. It is because of Apple’s willingness to collaborate and allow for other ideas to create another market based solely around their products that they have survived so well until now. 

It Stimulates Innovation

The average adult in America spends around $1,200 per year on electronics. This means that we have invested a large percentage of our total income into electronic devices. If this investment is supposed to be helpful, why not spend a bit more to protect them or amplify their usability? 

Not only does it make financial sense from an investment standpoint, the more you are involved with the electronics market, the more innovation that can happen with your feedback, money, and reviews. This stimulates innovation across the industry. 

It Helps You

As already briefly touched on in the last section, it is beneficial for you to get the accessories (to a certain extent) because that allows you to protect your expensive investment. There is a reason the employees at the Apple store or wherever you purchase your electronics always recommend protective accessories such as screen protectors and cases: because they work and might save you money in the long run. 

This help can be boiled down into two major categories, and we will break down a few AirPod accessories from each of these two categories to open your eyes to some solid products that will make your life much easier. These categories are products for protection and products for usability (not to mention a sleek style). 

Products For Protection

As we have already covered, Americans spend a large amount of their income on electronics. Of those dollars spent on electronics, many will use it on overpriced and bloated insurance coverage plans. Instead, economists generally advise saving that money and investing in other products that will protect your products. 

Because of this, knowing what products that will protect your electronic items is actually the most frugal option for most consumers. This section will run through a couple of products that will protect your Apple AirPods to make the investment into them worth it. As of this writing, the AirPods average upwards of $120 for the base models. Make this worth your money by utilizing any of the following products. 

The Case

This is potentially the most important piece of equipment you could consider buying for your AirPods. Because the case of your AirPods is made out of plastic, they are susceptible to a large range of damage or warping that you could face in your everyday life. In addition, since the case houses the battery and charging capabilities for your AirPods, they need their own sort of protection. 

Apple has done an okay job of making the case durable, but often the case will be damaged with water, heat, or blunt force. Even small drops and scrapes can occur on the case, and since the case is essential to keep the AirPods intact, it is important to protect it. 

At Andar, we have made the perfect AirPods case called The Capsule for those of you who are interested in a sleek-looking leather case. It is made from Andar’s renowned full grain leather that is made to last. This case not only functions as a protective upgrade, but its sleek and classic leather design also beefs up the aesthetic appeal of your AirPod case.  

If the leather case doesn’t vibe well with your particular aesthetic, we also offer a wooden version called The Madera. The Madera offers the same safe, stylish design but in a deep, rich maple wood that takes the pressure off of you in terms of worrying about how to protect your AirPods. 

A case is one of the most critical items for your Apple AirPods, and Andar has taken the time to craft beautiful, functional products to help with keeping your investment safe and usable. 

The Tether

We have all been there: you keep forgetting where you put your AirPods case. As we get further into the digital age, it seems more devices are making their way into our EDC essentials. With this increase, forgetting them is also at an all-time high. There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and realizing you’ve forgotten your AirPods.

Luckily, the market has corrected this by making tethers that will clip or tie your AirPods case to your belt loop, purse, or any other item to help with remembering the AirPods themselves. Now, some tethers are a case and clip in one, such as The Caddy

The Caddy is a combined tether and case that protects as well as any case that you can find along with helping you keep track of the small case itself. It is also made out of full grain leather that looks great and develops the most beautiful patina

With how much you have already spent on your AirPods, the most frustrating thing would be to lose them. Instead, use a tether to keep them on you, so you can protect them by continuing to possess them. 

Products For Usability

While not as important as the protection aspect, many strides have been made in creating products that reduce some of the few irritations that users experience while using Apple’s AirPods. These inventions either amplify strengths or minimize weaknesses with the AirPods and can make your life much easier as you use your AirPods. 

Ear Hooks

Apple has already sort of corrected this annoying feather with their AirPod Pro models, but for those of you who still have the base model, investing in some ear hooks to help with fit and security within your ear are definitely worth the price. They go for very little but can help save you from seeing your left AirPod fall into the deep abyss that haunts your dreams. 

They go over your ear to make your AirPod more secure within your ear. One of the most common complaints is the fact that AirPods are so easily lost, but this secondary invention solves that issue for Apple.

Though the Pro models from Apple sometimes solve this issue for some consumers with regularly sized ears, they do not always do this for all consumers. So, if you have been frustrated with Apple’s AirPods or their AirPod Pros, try grabbing a pair of ear hooks to help correct the problem.

Wireless Charger

While this may seem like a luxury item, it really is a game-changer for the ease of charging. Apple currently offers a new version of the AirPod Pro that comes with a wireless charger, but with the over $250 price tag, it could be a bit more pricey than you think the wireless charging capabilities are worth. Instead, you can find a wireless charger on Amazon or on the official Apple website that works with any version of AirPods (even the earliest version). 

The cheapest we could find was around $65, but if you are a fan of wireless charging and all the ease of it, it is well worth the purchase. In addition, you could find a wireless charging port that also works with any version of AirPods on the official Apple website for upwards of $75. This is in no way necessary, but it does make using AirPods and remembering to charge them much easier. You can even buy a charger that charges your iPhoneApple Watch, and AirPods all at once. 

Bluetooth Transmitter

One of the most frustrating parts of AirPods is their incompatibility with things like airline on-flight entertainment. Many consumers will shy away from Apple’s products because of this, but by buying a Bluetooth transmitter, you can bypass this headache. 

What a Bluetooth transmitter does is plug into the aux port of whatever you want to listen to and connect to your personal AirPods. It then transmits the audio frequencies to them so you can listen to the movie you are watching on your flight! They are not too pricey at all but do not skimp as the cheaper products can sometimes have annoying feedback that will drive you crazy. 

This is also a quality-of-life purchase, but by purchasing them, you can eliminate any previously unusable devices that you will want to use. This also includes car speakers, wedding aux chords, and countless other inaccessible pieces of audio equipment. It can also help with things outside of your AirPods, as a Bluetooth transmitter really makes your life much easier! 

Protecting Your Expensive Purchase

When purchasing expensive gear and products, it is important to understand that what you buy to surround it is almost as important as what you buy in the first place. For the future well-being and utility of your purchase, you should look into what products have been part of the domino effect of the product itself. 

For Apple’s AirPods, there is a wide range of cases to choose from, a few tethers to find, and even wireless charging ports to buy. In addition, the quality-of-life choice to purchase ear hooks if you need them really makes the fear of losing them much less. 

Overall, finding quality products for your AirPods is smarter than buying AppleCare and can make your time with your AirPods much easier. So it’s clear that protecting your AirPods is necessary. But why not do it in style?



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